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New parameters (for third party MODs)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Firstly an important disclaimer - Though it has predictably been adapted as such (and we have taken a few measures to facilitate it), SCE has never been primarily designed to be a modding platform. It is known that mods may be easily converted, and we welcome people to add new content and modify the game and enjoy it however they wish - under the understanding that it is the modder´s (and the users´) responsibility to ensure the mod works with the game (and are updated as the game evolves). If a given rFactor mod has not been properly converted or adapted to work in SCE, then it should be enjoyed in rFactor. And if somehow a mod of whatever type breaks your game, it´s not up to us to fix it.

    With this said, in this topic we will include all the relevant new parameters as they are added to the sim so that mods can be updated accordingly.

    Below are the new parameters we´ve added in v1.50:

    Vehicle HDV

    SingleTireTime=7 // Time it takes to change a single tire during pitstop - must add this value otherwise previous tire change timings are bugged.

    OnboardFrontAntiSway=1 // whether onboard front antiroll adjustment is installed (1) or not (0)
    OnboardRearAntiSway=1 // whether onboard rear antiroll adjustment is installed (1) or not (0)

    SteerLockUserSetting=4 // Default steering lock setting (applied when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to YES);

    SteeringRotation=(360, 10.0, 10) // Rotation settings (when CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to NO) in degrees - minimum rotation, increment per setting, number of settings - so in this case minimum rotation is 360º, each increment adds 10º, and there are 10 settings (ranges from 360 to 450º)

    SteeringRotationSetting=0 // Default setting for the car (0 means default is 360º)

    RearFlapDragLiftParams=(0.6,0.6) // Percentage of drag and lift when DRS is activated - in this case 60%, or 40% less drag and downforce when DRS is activated.

    Series RFM:

    DRS-MaximumTime = 1.0 // the maximum time between your car and the one in front (in seconds)
    DRS-MinimumCrossings = 2 // the minimum number of times the cars have passed the detection point before it becomes active
    DRS-TestDayRules = 0 // for all rules settings:
    DRS-Practice1Rules = 1 // -1 means disable DRS
    DRS-Practice2Rules = 1 // 0 means DRS is active everywhere on the track
    DRS-Practice3Rules = 1 // Positive values should be interpreted as a bitfield with the following bit values:
    DRS-Practice4Rules = 1 // 1 = DRS is active only in detection zones
    DRS-Qualify1Rules = 1 // 2 = DRS is active only after the minimum set number of crossings (in DRS-MinimumCrossings)
    DRS-Qualify2Rules = 1 // 4 = DRS is active only if within DRS-MaximumTime of the car in front
    DRS-Qualify3Rules = 1 // so for the full DRS rules you use the value 7 (1+2+3)
    DRS-Qualify4Rules = 1
    DRS-WarmupRules = 1
    DRS-Race1Rules = 7
    DRS-Race2Rules = 7
    DRS-Race3Rules = 7
    DRS-Race4Rules = 7

    Track GDB:

    // DRS zones (up to 5):

    DRSZone-1= (2210.40,3109.58,3781.12) // Detection point, start point, end point, measured from S/F straight.
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  2. THX:thumbsup:
  3. Hi @Reiza Studios

    If I want to set automatic custom rotation in a mod like Historic, what values I have to put for a 900 degrees with a 30-33 steering lock? and for 540 degrees with 20-23 steering lock?

    I want to upgrade some mods, but If a put these lines, always I have 360 degrees.

    Many thank´s for your awesome job.
  4. Hi,
    here are my values i use now for the G5 mod, look under "CONTROLS" in HDV-file.
    default st.lock = 18 and adjustable from 10-33
    default wh.rotation = 360 and adjustable from 360-540

    SteeringRotation=(360, 10.0, 19)

    You can see how it's setup, hope it helps;)
  5. Thank's @hummer444. I have already managed to change some. :)

    I managed to put a mod with 540 degrees and 21 steering lock in automatic. Which it is also adjustable from 360 to 900 degrees and 8 to 33 of steering lock.

    For example, some mods as HistoricX, must be 900 degrees. But some people do not have a steering wheel with 900 degrees. For those people who use steering wheel with 360 degrees, also they have the right to play mod, setting NO on the automatic feature. ;)
  6. Hi @ReizaStudios,

    I've got a well-running 1.38 install with several tracks and mods found here and elsewhere (only cars/series and tracks actually).

    Is my understanding correct that these will not work anymore, even though there is no DRS zone on the tracks and no DRS/ajdustable antiroll bar on the cars?
    I understand tire change and control sections do make sense but what about the other sections? Do I have to add them to the mods as well?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  7. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    You dont *need* a lot of these new parameters in mods and track mods should generally work fine, the one thing that will definetly not work is the steering rotation - if you are using the automatic functionality (Custom Steering Rotation=NO), a mod car will need those rotation definitions.
  8. Thanks Renato for your answer by the way. :)
  9. Hi @ReizaStudios
    I was wondering how to set the DRS configuration on the rFm for a DTM mod.
    The rules are that DRS is allowed after the first lap is completed, and it's avaliable everywhere on the circuit, but only 1 activation per lap. Also It can be activaded anytime. It doesn't matter the difgference with the car infront.
  10. Where i put this lines to get my mods work properly?
  11. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    In the HDV-files for a mod/car, under CONTROLS section;)
  12. In the case of mod rotation is not working properly I must copy these parameter settings for the car HDV (mod) and use the manual adjustment of the rotation (yes)? Because what still happens is that I need to rotate the real steering wheel 180 degrees to the virtual steering wheel to rotate 90 degrees.
  13. Gringo

    Premium Member

    No after you add the parameters to your HDV, then the AUTO steering rotation feature should work for supported hardware. The rotation will (should) match the setting you make to the HDV. In the game you set CUSTOM USER ROTATION is set to NO.
  14. Thank you, Gringo. I'll try later and give you a properly feedback... thank you very much!
  15. Gringo

    Premium Member

    One question I have for Reiza is how do we setup the steering angles for a given rotation? Or is this somehow taken care of by to software?

    All I need to do is define my default rotation (lets say 540) and setup the HDV so that the default steering angle is (lets say 22deg)?

    After that if a user wants 360 or 720 deg then the software will calculate the same ratio and adjust the steering angle accordingly... is that correct?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
  16. I really can't deal with this. LOL.. I'm trying to figure it out how all this stuff works..
  17. @Gringo
    you need to edit SteerLockSetting= parameter(hdv)
    changes each car according to the range
  18. How do i know the value for each car? Values can be 0-9 or what? Sorry, i'm learning about that...
  19. according to steering lock range
    if standard value is for example 15, and your rotarion is 360
    you need to increase Steerlocksetting (correct is 18)
  20. Sorry my idiot questions, but how i know this values? Where i see value for steering lock and the best value for this?