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new mod for race series

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Austin Jordan, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was looking at the mod download page and didn't see a lot of mods i can get. Course theres a couple good ones but i seen way more interesting mods on the rfactor page. I thought of maybe seeing who wanted what mod if it came out. so i'm not really asking for a specific mod but i thought i make a poll chosing classes very well known that people might want like maybe lmp cars, daytona prototype, and cart cars to some ones like legends cars. If someone to puts another mod in option go ahead. Idk if it would even happen but at least wanna know what rd members want to race on their game.

    • le mans prototype
    • daytona prototype
    • indy cars (formaly CART)
    • legends cars
    • truck series (from rfactor)
    • formula 2 cars
  2. I have a couple of the above in different stages on production, will be interested to see what comes out on top....
  3. The Daytona Prototypes look like they would be a blast to race. If I could pick something else, I'd pick LeMans.
  4. Gunthar if you want you can make the mod that comes on top go ahead. Not saying you have to its just that it would be good because you know a lot of people want it. It's your decision on what you wanna do. Just making an offer
  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Bus mod from RFactor, but with retuned graphics and stuff because the grpahics of it in RFaacotr suck :D I choose "Other" even know theres no Other on the pole :D
  6. I voted for the Indycars from these! But I would like much more a mod with standard road cars! (75-150bhp, not 500)
    Take those for a spin on a nice city track and all is well:)
  7. you know what ross i was gonna put one in there but thought it be to complicated. Ex: Lets say ross voted OTHER and wanted a nascar mod but Giorgos put other for a go kart mod.
  8. MX-5 Cup, actually, but either prototype class works too.
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I dont want any lemans or prototypes in RACE series as long as the game doesnt support:
    - long distance racing
    - driver swaps
    - dedicated server that supports at least 40+ cars.
    - proper tyre choices
    - day/night transitions
    - etc

    All this is already properly done in rFactor. RACE is for sprint racing imo
  10. Understood. But like the game GRID, it has the mod BUT it doesn't have driver swaps and all that you posted. I think these guys just want a fun mod they can race with the resources the game has. We can have long races but probably only an hour and a half or so. Just wanted to see wants the mod so they can have fun racing it and i'm sure the server will only be probably 30 cars on grid. Just let us have a mod we will all enjoy and avoid all the restrictions you posted because i new we couldn't do that stuf anyhow.
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    There is a siimple answer to all your questions: buy rfactor :) It has everything you asked for in your poll already.
  12. Well some people don't want to spend $30 u.s. dollars just for that. I just want a nice mod to run on my game. I know your taking the "don't want another mod so just get rfactor" approach but not everyone is gonna want to do that.
  13. yes it has. + a bad UI + miserable stock content + troubles running multiple mods + lots of scrubby mods + and so on...
    That is my opinion on rFactor. As you can see, there are a lot of other members, who want to race prototypes in GTR despite no 24h racing and so on.
    If you like rFactor, thats OK. But there are lots of people who don´t like the game for several reasons. Please accept that. Thank you! :)
  14. you can run damn long races in Race07 you just have to set the racelengh by laps and not by time
    you can easyly run 3-4-5 h races if you can keep it that long together on your own as it has no driver swap
    but 3 1/2 hours a doable as we proved already here in Erics Enduro Series :) that would perfect make up
    for some ALMS style races with the prototypes so yes i would give my right hand for them :D even if that
    means i have to race with my left hand only
  15. There are plenty of shoddy mods for RACE also ;).

    And it is impossible to run GTL mod, MMG F1 07, FIA GT 2008 and STC altogether on RACE. So it too has problems. To be honest I can't say I have ever found any rF mods have problems running together - you just got to use your brain when installing them.

    Yes it has crap stock content and yes it has a crap UI, but that is easily got around for the most important thing: the gameplay itself.

    This is from someone who started out in RACE before graduating to rFactor, so it's an unbiased view. And rF can be picked up for less than $10 on eBay ;).

    If you like S2000 touring cars, RACE is your thing. You like pretty much anything else, rF is where it's at.

    Anyway, back to topic :)

    I'd love to see trucks in RACE.
  16. Me thinks Reg08 is not giving Rf credit where credits due.. I personally prefer Race On, but I do accept that Rf is a cracking 'game' with some awesome mods.

    Back to topic - I still want to see mods that include tanks, helicopters, and Fighter planes!!