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new member to Race On

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by fzd88, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. hey everyone,

    just registered to say hi. I haven't bought a simbin title since GTR2 and GT Legends. However, after seeing all the new content in Race On, i couldn't resist anymore! :)

    This forum has helped me a lot to figure out the various titles from Simbin (super confusing). But everything worked well after buying the bundle from Steam. I loved Race On so much that i bought GTR Evo right after. Steam merged both games seamlessly.....man....so many cars and tracks i don't know where to start!

    anyways, glad i bought this game and it's gonna bring years of enjoyment....

    oh, i did a quick review of it on Gamespot:

    Source: Gamespot

  2. Welcome and congrats on your excellent choice of Race On.

    Nice review:good:. The game is even better if you try it out in RD's racing club:).

    If your interested in driving against good clean racers online who are always willing to help and share setups etc, then this is the place to be:good:.
  3. I'm also a newbie come to Race on. I don't know much about setup a car, and my English isn't good to learn it. Can i win AIs with simbin's setup?
  4. Yes, you can compete against AI players with default setups.
    In Pro mode with the default 90% Opponent strength is a piece of cake.

    I'm also a newbie, bought the game and a steering wheel two weeks ago.
    With some practice I could win on Oschersleben against AI set on 100%.
    Now I'm practising at Okayama, where I'm struggling in the middle, much slower than the leading AI cars.
  5. I've been playing with the "arcade" racing mode for the past few days, and the AI is pretty easy to beat (i have all the driving aids turned off as well). However, you really need to concentrate a lot more in this game. In other games such as Need for Speed, the AI tends to "slow down" when you get behind....you can always catch up to them. In Race On, the AI has no mercy! :) If you screw up, you can never catch up to them again, no matter how good you drive. This is why i love the simbin games...

    i get cold-sweat in this game sometimes when i'm on the last lap and barely hanging on to the lead...lol
  6. Thanks all! I can't play online because my internet connection is very slow. My goal is win AIs at full AI strength with default setup. I'm playing Race On with Formula Master which i can easy to drive and same as F1.
  7. Hi guys.

    I like the Bmw WTCC but I'm usually 6-7seconds slower than pole{online}, and my car has terrific rear oversteer, so could anyone help me with the set up?
    My understanding is a good time at Monza is 2m flat, but I can only do a 2.06 at best.
  8. Once your confident with the cars then the Ai set to 100% are good solid rivals who can be beaten. But to be really competitive then setting up the car is important. If your not sure how to or don't have the on track time to learn then try the setups thread here in the Race ON forum. Some very quick drivers share their setups here and you can often find something that suits your style:).