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Steering Wheels New Mclaren Steering Wheel 1.0

2048 resolution wheel

  1. uv316 submitted a new resource:

    New Mclaren Steering Wheel - 2048 resolution wheel

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  2. Looks awesome! thanks ;)
  3. Looks very good
  4. Really nice job. Thanks!
  5. Great job.
  6. 2048 resolution Toro Rosso wheel. Just a few things left to do (brighten up the gold, sort the leds and grips etc.). Will release two versions. Gold carbon fibre and plain.

    EDIT: S**t, half asleep and have posted in the wrong thread. Was supposed to go in W.I.P. Don't do drugs kids.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
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  7. Thanks and glad that you're enjoying using it. I'm not really sure how to do what you're asking though mate and don't really have the time to explore it just now to be honest, I believe that Iceman's "ultimate Steering Wheel LEDs HD" do what you want though, so perhaps install them.