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New iRacer to teach (that's me that's the noob)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Christopher Junkins, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone willing to host and teach? I know they have the videos, but videos are no substitute for getting in the car and driving...
  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Best advice is to register for a licence here at RD and joining one of the many events for iRacing.
  3. I agree with Abdul, RD has a lot of members willing to help you get up to speed with iracing. And practice, practice, and practice some more. Welcome to RD.
  4. As the other guys said, practice but practice won't get you race experience. Become a licensed member here at RD and come and join us for some of our events. We're a friendly group with drivers ranging from outright aliens to slow-poke's like me. You're very welcome to join us.
  5. ok... going to look into "licencing"...


    I've applied, and am waiting.

    But as far as the events go, anyone hosting a practice today, and if so what time there abouts?
  6. I had started a small movement with a Racedepartment iRacing school here, but not long after I started to get things on my end in full swing I had to take a job and then got hurt. Soooo I think the blackhole sucked it up... lol...

    Everyone here that races in the club events and leagues are usually 99% off the time very friendly, helpful, and will give you advice if you ask for it. I would recommend the iRacing group here any day of the week!!!

    As a matter of fact there is a friends list here and if you see some of us in a practice fill free to jump in with us. William and I seem to be chasing each other around a few times a week. This last run in the Vette at Silverstone was probably the best and most fun I've had in a LONG time... There were a few times that you probably couldn't have slid a piece of paper between our cars... hehehe

    Also I would add that 95% or more of my speed has come from chasing William, Lars, Kevin, and a few others around in a practice.
  7. Ah, yea. I was doing that... seems though anyone I try to find is above my class, and thus in practices I can't get into to ask them. LOL. (well, admitedly only 1 so far, but it was late for me (I'm a graveyard shift guy, so late means mid day for me now).
  8. What is your name and I'll add you to my friends list. Perhaps if I see you online I can help out a bit.
  9. Christopher Junkins
  10. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Hi Christopher,

    If I had some spare time I would be happy to help you out. Unfortunately my spare time is very very limited to race.

    As the others mentioned, just join sessions. You can just join session and first watch how others drive around the track. Select other drivers, change to cockpit view and try to learn how they drive.
    Don't try to watch the aliens but begin with watching how an average driver takes the corners. If you are slower then average, begin with that part first. Some aces/aliens drive such high level, we normal humans will never achieve.

    I do exactly the same. Since yesterday the Skips drive at Zandvoort. I practiced till I did a reasonable lap, which was 1.58.high. I just entered an online practice session to see what laptimes I should have. Initially i was happy to only be 0.5 from the current fastest time, which was 1.58.0x. Then some alien entered the session and drove consistent 1.55s. I viewed him driving and I already knew it was beyond my capabilities, unless I have hours and hours of spare time. But I tried doing the same cornering and lines during various corners and my times dropped to 1.57s. Still 2 seconds off pace, but good enough for me.

    The biggest thing in iRacing is to drive consistent, slow or fast is not important. Drive your laps and have fun. And watch your mirrors for superfast dudes. The F3 info screen helps to see who is lapping you and how far away they are.
    As said, practice enough and try to join some RD events. They will not harm your safety rating :)
  11. Right now I don't need F3 to know who's lapping me... they ALL are ;). I can't get fast times for nothing. :(.

    Add in, some tracks seem build not for speed, but instead were build to see how slow a car can go... Okayama or whatever it is called, is one of these tracks... except for the straits, I'm always between 30 and 50... no faster... that one s-corner or whatever stops me almost completely to get around it.... If I try at speed, (20mph or more, I spin...)