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New F1 section please?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Well seen as we have mods/setups/requests etc, I was just thinking that maybe it could be viable to have a section for actually track guides?

    I have seen a few people asking for specific track vids, I myself have actually needed a couple, Was wondering if maybe this could be done thats if current players want to add their knowledge of course.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Are their track guides posted already? Think we need content first before adding another sub :)
  3. I can provide track guides.. but i really think it would be that much of a help..
  4. You know Jason has a point, watching vids of tracks and having a written description of how certain people get through situations a track throws at you could be helpful for some (my self included). But like Bram says there has to be a well used thread about it to warrant it's own sticky.
  5. to even considering opening a section.. we should have all the materials in hand before like bram mentioned.. but if you guys plan to proceed with it.. i guess i could chip in too.. and im sure you will more than happy to dave ..
  6. hmm the two tracks in career so far im good at are bahrain and melbourne but being in a low end team i only managed 1 58 (bahrain) and 1 28 (melbourne)

    Not sure if I could really add to it, especially when sometimes I have to release throttle due to crap throttle control on my pad.

    Bram is right though unless we get more interest I doubt a sub would be viable, its a shame though it really is needed especially on tricky tracks.
  7. Well start a thread then Jason something like 'Idiots Guide to Tracks' or something. I am no Schumacher but I reckon I could input something, and don't let times stop you mate as they will vary throughout your career and be on par with most, TT time's are unrealistic and its for arcadey fun !

    If people start to post problem tracks or problems on tracks people WILL advise its in there nature and we like to help each other here. Suggest tutorial videos of certain corners or tracks, the list is really endless. I reckon you may get a good response to it mate !
  8. Not so sure mate, just saw someone post a 1 55 on bahrain setup thread in a lotus with ramons setup.

    thats like 3 seconds faster than mine.....either hes in lotus on second season or somethings seriously wrong lol
  9. Most times in the setup section are TT mate and they are really unrealistic (impossible in real life at the moment). I find them helpful for an initial setup but with tyre ware on they are no good in career races (most). So don't let that put you off, even I get okay times in TT and I am crap lol.

    Many players of many abilities reside here and all would find a section like this very useful of that I am sure, myself included. If I had the time I would use your idea myself. It would be a good place for even seasoned driver's to give advice and for people to post how-to vid's of sections and corners.
  10. Fuel simulation on adds so much time. Once I was getting pole for every race of the season on hard difficulty (except Japan I think) and I added traction control off and fuel simulation on... now I only managed one pole position out of 7 races.
  11. Well ignore my posts lol

    I just done a 2 02 at bahrain in career with lotus with a 10 second mistake in S2 with no assists a perfect lap would get me 1 52.

    Dont ask me how because I cant figure that out lol....screenshot posted in another thread.
  12. Your answer is No Assists.
  13. Sorry but theres no way no assists could knock 10 seconds off.....I personally think theres a bug in my sector times.
  14. No seriously mate when I had assists on I too thought how the hell do they go 10 seconds faster than me ?? then I turned em off and it's true.
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Definitely like this track guides idea. I always like to check out a video or map and info about a track before I race it.

    Great idea: )
  16. If only I could stop my backend swinging out haha
  17. btw, David.. talking about online race.. get me a setup for Catalunya, for our online race tomorrow