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New engines set to be scrapped?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Trioxis, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. According to the Hindustan Times:

  2. I'm not going to voice my opinion about the sound of the new engines.. I honestly hope that the new engines will not be scrapped. I want to see which companies and teams can produce the best engine, it might actually shake up the order of the teams. New technological advancements are always fun to watch and really unpredictable. Here's hoping that one of the three lowest teams suddenly rises to the top in 2014!
  3. Yeah, that would be funny mr. Ecclestone... Let's waist some more resources for the teams by scrapping the new engines, especially now most teams finished these.
    Good way to cut costs.
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  4. It would indeed be stupid and a bit wasteful for F1 to abandon an engine on the basis of sound, after all the money that went into R&D to this point. I cannot see why a six cylinder turbo would sound that bad at speed under bodywork. The doppler and airflow over the car is responsible for a lot of what you hear on track...not just an engine sitting on a dyno. We've seen and heard six turbos before in F1 (Renault). They sounded great then and produced a 'boat-load' of power. If anything, they'll sound better now.
  5. The teams are far beyond the point of return.
    Everything else than 1.6 V6 Turbo would make no sense at all now.
  6. The whole idea of 'greener' F1 engines, racing under 6500 lights at Singapore, is a bit bizarre imo.

    They mostly gonna have the same power output with the rev and fuel restrictions, and for 5 times the cost of the current V8's.

    I do think Hamiltons face has gotten a bit greener today. :)
  7. The will have less power output then the V8´s and be considerably cheaper on the gas.

    It´s the KERS that has been bumped up to twice the power.
    Renault is using Prost to test their engine in 2 months.
  8. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    The current engines sound terrible anyway, and if Luca's that worried about it I'm sure his engineers can mimic the technology on his road cars and create a 'fake' exhaust note which sounds much better.
  9. Scrapping Engines Just because of Sounds
    Come On Bernie Are you trying to Scrap them just because their Sound or Did Ferrari Top man Mr.M told you that they can't build the Engine by that time
  10. I just wish he would get rid of the stupid rev limit for the V6 turbo's, somewhere around 25,000 rpm will be good. I like engines to scream in agony, instead the new ones won't :(
  11. Thank you Ferrari! Once again, the only team to have balls and stand up to the FIA.

    Half of the thrill of going to see a race in person is the sound. It is the thing people notice the first and the most, and its more often than not the thing that lasts longest in peoples memories.

    The V8s on TV dont sound that great, but in person they are still very loud, around 128 decibels.

    Im not a fan of the V8s, they are such a step down in terms of sound and excitment from the 3.0 V10s, or damn the 3.5L V8s, 10s and 12s.

    But they still atleast have that very loud sound.

    I read that the new turbos not only sounded like crap but were much quiter. Who the hells wants that? Do people actually think they will sound like the 80s turbos??? No way. There are soooooo many more rules regarding engine design, fuels etc., the v6 turbos will only reach the 750ish hp of todays v8 engines when they have there KERS enabled.

    Wow thats pretty sad, so I wouldnt be comparing them in any way shap or form (especially in terms of performance, and "loudness") to the 80s turbos.

    One thing they have to get rid of, is this pathetic engine freeze. All the engines sound soooo similiar, are constrained by sooo many strict design rules, cant be updated or have brand new engines, etc. So pathetic.
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  12. People complain about turbo´s yet fail to realize Turbo´s is something that isn´t new to F1.

    And they certainly did not rev to 16.000rpm back then.