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New content #Preview# Cooper tires USF2000

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Franconen, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Preview of new content : the Cooper tires USF2000, available on november 23 .

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  2. Very nice. :)

    The opponents sounds very loud. Is it your preference? Or is it the car?
  3. Thank you :)
    No it's the car . I'm talking of it in the video but it's in french :( I say that the sound of the other cars is more louder than the sound of my car .
    But it seems it's adjustable .
  4. Yes, it's adjustable in race mode, that's way i asked. ;)

    In replay mode it is not adjustable. :( All cars including your own use the oppenent volume?

    @Marcel Offermans , sorry for tagging you here. Don't know who else to tag.
    The sound levels in the .sfx can be adjusted, it doesn't take long to adjust and test with default ingame settings.
    As example: MikeeCZ his caterham 7 has nicely balanced volumes: ingame and in replay.
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  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Looks like fun!

    @Gijs van Elderen can I ask an unrelated question... is there a way to adjust the size of the position bar (top-center in this video) and/or text in the driver list (top-right in this video). Ever since I created a new profile or deleted the graphic settings files mine are like those in this video - use to look much better on mine (very large now - running 3440x1440) but I don't remember what I did some years back to change. Thanks.
  6. @Gijs van Elderen we are discussing this internally based on feedback from you, the public, on some of the test videos. If it's not fixed at release, it will most definitely come in an update.
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  7. No, you can't change it. But you can choose different HUD layouts. The one in the video is the default.

    Go to: Options ==> HUD (or something like that) There you can choose a HUD.
    BTW: Wedge HUD is a nice one, it's available on steam and has some different configurations.
  8. William Wester

    William Wester

    Thanks @Gijs van Elderen, I could swear that the objects/text was smaller. Both were also at the bottom of my display. Will check the other options.
  9. Quote from Christopher on the empty box video:
    We're working on adjusting the sound levels for the final release.

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  10. Great. We don't want to have to adjust the standard sound balance for a particular mod. All mod cars should be calibrated to the default settings that all (almost all?) of the ISI cars work fine with.
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  11. its released on the steam workshop
  12. This is a good beginner's modern formula car with adjustable aerodynamics. Speed and grip of default setup are good. Tire wear appears if you overdrive, though I haven't checked how much grip falls off (hey, the car's only been available for about 2 hours, LOL).

    Only disappointment I've found so far is the AI can't drive on a wet track even though they automatically installed the wet tires.

    UPDATE: renaming player.JSON and letting rF2 create a new one solved the AI problem for me.

    Studio 397 is turning on their server for multiplayer with this car.
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  13. Rodent


    Took it for a spin at Mid Ohio since they apparently race there, very driveable from the get go. Thinking this is my new favorite go to car for a quick race setup in rF2.
  14. See http://www.usf2000.com. Looks like a 30-minute race format. Tracks scheduled 2015-2017 include the usual suspects:
    St. Petersburg street course
    Indianapolis GP
    Lucas Oil Raceway oval
    Toronto street course
    Laguna Seca
    Road America
    Homestead road course
    Iowa Speedway oval
    Watkins Glen w/boot & bus stop
  15. Rodent


    Unsurprisingly it's real fun at Suzuka aswell. :)
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  16. Thanx! :thumbsup:

    Car is well recieved by the community. :)
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  17. How old was your .PLR file? Any idea what could cause that?
  18. Created date says June 13, 2016. No idea on the cause and someone suggested replacing it as a quick fix; problem only appeared with wet AI capability.
  19. I'd love to know what it is in the PLAYER file that so dramatically affects AI wet behaviour.