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New computer advice on very tight budget mainly for racing

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by racerboy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. First post here hope all goes well :wink:

    Looking to get a better pc for my ever increasing enthusiasm towards sim racing. However, I'm on a very very tight budget of no more than about £300. Also as it is my first more powerful computer I am lost on what is good for my price range and what isnt. I have been looking around and found this:


    The only thing is it doesnt come with a decent graphics card. I have done some more digging and found the recent post by the isi devs on rFactor 2 requirements. The computer above fits the other categories just graphics card so had a look at one they mentioned here:


    Now, would this system be capable of running rFactor (With various mods like Enduracers) with a decent FPS, any idea what the FPS might be and what settings I could get away with? I didnt look at the requirements as most mods will mean they need a better pc than the requirements due to better models.

    I think it should be good enough to run the GTR series (2, Evo) and Race series (07, On) as it goes past the requirements.

    So what you guys think? Would it be able to run rFactor on high-ish settings and maybe rFactor 2 on medium settings?

    thanks for any replies and help!
  2. The computer itself is ok, though it is only using a dual core processor, so that will limit it a little bit, but it is running at 3gig so that won't be much of an issue for rFactor or Race. The graphics card you list is a bit underpowered especially when you look at the ram available to use. 512Meg is about half what you want if you plan on turning your graphics up at all. It might work if you turn all the graphics down in game though. You might want to have a look here: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews...rd-geforce-gtx-590-radeon-hd-6990,2879-2.html and see what it says about what you should get. Toms lists the best graphics card for the money for several different price ranges and I am sure you will find something that is great for the money you have to spend.
  3. A few of the boys bought that ocuk setup with the 430 in a league i'm in, its a steal at that price and even plays rfactor at pretty much maxed out settings with decent fps, i was amazed myself at the 430 running the full settings i didnt think it would be up to much, i'd go for the ati 5850 card @ 107 quid if i only had 300 quid to spend.
  4. ok, cool. So perhaps a better choice to get the graphics card they can bundle instead of a separate one.

    Thanks for the advice so far guys, much appreciated
  5. dont get a nvidia card for thouse games, a ATI 4870 will run then fine.
  6. Those games aren't the main ones, only ones I might want to buy later if I like rfactor. Although would they run fine with the nvidia geforce gt430?

    Mainly looking for the computer to handle rfactor at a decent graphic setting while maintaining a decent fps, which from Gary Hutchinsons words it sounds like it does so I might be making a purchase of it soon
  7. after the problems i had when i used nvidia and reading the hundreds of posts about driver crashes, it will be a long long time before i ever use or recomend a nvidia card.

    for £300 you can build your self a nice pc, dont buy a pre built pc. there realy not hard to put together.
  8. hmmm, ok. That has thrown me a little. With Gary Hutchinson saying he knows people with them I would of thought it would be a safe buy.

    I don't really want to build my own, unless I could get much higher spec for same price or cheaper.
  9. you will get a higher spec pc if you build your own, my current pc cost me £700 from ebuyer same spec pc would have been £1100 pre built.
  10. Stilll probably going to sway towards the overclockers one in the op, though.

    Argh, tough choices
  11. If you add the prices up ocuk are doing on that pc you'll be lucky if its anyless that choosing the parts seprate.

    Have you got an OS or are you using a downloaded one lol, as that will save you a few quid aswell....

    I've had both ati and nvid cards and have never had a problem with either, recently bought one of them 480gtx's for 200 quid of ocuk, best card about for 200 quid.

    Theres actualy 3 guys at our league who have them prebuilt pc's and have no probs with them, one personly i installed win7 on and setup rfactor as i said before i was suprised it ran full graphics with a decent frame rate.

    The nvid cards which had the problem were the 450's, havent heard of any problems with any others although i had to flash the bios in my 4890, both brands are good these days its just a case of whats the best for the money at the time.
  12. Try here racerboy......look at the CCL ACE Pronto system.


    It's not much, but it's a start. And you are on a tight budget.

    edit; If you can, try using some of the parts you already have.

    But with only £300 to play with, you are going to struggle getting a fast machine.