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New city track question

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by sadistiko, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Hi to all BTB lovers!
    I'm new to this forum.
    I'm now also proud BTB licence owner (from yesterday) :D

    I'm building new city track for rFactor. There will be around 150-200 buldings and I want make every of them. Thats only what are close to track.
    I'm wondering how much I can go with textures? Can I use 2 x 1024x1024px + 3 x 512x512px per house. Some of them have more, some only 3 texuters. I don't want to have low quality textures. I will make optimisation in BTB and use some roof textures in more than one building.
    Also, buildings are low poly, from 30 to 300 poligons. I think most of them will have around 40 polis.
    Will this work well in modern computers (Dual CPU + 2GB RAM + decent GPU)?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Is that mean you are going to make 300 textures x 1024 and 600 x 512? You will probably need Silicone Graphics to calculate them ;)
    This is way too much. Is the route going to be in e.g downtown? Than you don't have to build back walls for buildings. If you are not going to play the track in insane resolutions, you can use much smaller textures, good thing would be also to make textures sheets containing parts of many buildings - besides saving place you will have less materials, which will help the machine's performance.
    I think I understand that you would like to make almost real track, meaning the environment. IMHO it's not possible, since the real life is too detailed to even get close to it in the game. Remember that you are going to race and not sigthseeing ;) At the racing speed you will not recognise details you are thinking about.
  3. I build a city track in BTB for Racer,and for optimization I use for SOME building only 2 models that are repeating.In total I have ~20 building(and some of them are repeating,like I said).I make the map for Racer(it was the only game which doesn't crash when I load the map),and it include a city(search for Mioveni,Romania),3 villages,3 ingame race tracks,a mountain(with a village on top) and many more.I will finish the map next year,on May.
    So,try to use maximum 30 building,and repeat some of that.
  4. OK. So what is max resolution you recomend guys? I can reduce poligons if I delete back of houses that can't be seen from other part of track. But not sure how to use same material on few buldings and on every is their texure part. Is there some instructions how to do it?
    Thank you for your fast answers.
  5. This is a texture sheet (1024x1024) for buildings I use for my RBR rally tracks. I've put there couple roofs, walls and enough details - windows, doors etc. and I can make almost any building I want to suit my needs. Some of the details come from original RBR textures. For now, I have 10 houses and 10 barns/barracks and plan to make much more in the future. It's just the matter of time and imagination.
    So, this is the way how to make one material for all of them. If you add new objects to the XPack, they will produce new materials (for each of them). Then you just have to merge all these materials into one. If you don't know how to do that, PM me and I'll send you my xpack tutorial I'm still working on.
    Of course they are completely different image parts than you need, I just want to show the idea how it could be done.
    I think if you plan wisely, you can make unlimited number of buildings for your track from just 3-4 textures 2048x2048 :)

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  6. I don't know how to merge materials. I started to work last week. So, I'm totaly noob to SkechUp, Xpacker and BTB. But I know from past how to use UV maps and so on in Lightwave, also, I'm painter for rfactor, so I have some experience in this stuff.
    I make my buldings in shechup. It's realy nice and easy program for making low poly without fancy features from LW and 3DSMax. I also paint my objects in SketcUp with textures and then only convert them to 3DS. Import them into xpacker and it's done. So. It look it wouldn't be that easy :)
    I will send you PM.
  7. OK, I'm starting to convert my finished buldings to this new way (new for me :) ) of texturing. But I still have questions. I can paste parts like specific walls, doors and windows from texture sheets but what about parts of wall that use seamless textures, I can't use sheets, because I need texture that will continue over and over, and I can't do it with sheets. It's only one extra material per building, but I'm wondering if there is some other solution for this way of texturing?
  8. Limit the materials you use but don't be afraid to use more.
    It' just a discipline to follow, think of it this way,,,
    The more materials you merge, the more materials you can use, but at the same time discipline yourself and don't go overboard with materials.

    Here are some data reports from default isi tracks *Note, Sardian Heights (S_HEIGHTS_LONG.SCN) is a city track and it uses less mat's compared to some of the others.

    Report for Brianza_Full.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 779
    Total Materials = 185
    Total Points = 473623
    Total Faces = 387562


    Objects Referenced = 592
    Total Materials = 120
    Total Points = 479323
    Total Faces = 293814

    Report for Jacksonville500.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 379
    Total Materials = 171
    Total Points = 640099
    Total Faces = 257489

    Report for Chinese_GP.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 247
    Total Materials = 78
    Total Points = 212410
    Total Faces = 104927

    Report for Joesville_Speedway.scn

    Objects Referenced = 105
    Total Materials = 76
    Total Points = 100603
    Total Faces = 58286

    Report for Lienz_24H.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 725
    Total Materials = 143
    Total Points = 559286
    Total Faces = 449302

    Report for MILLS_LONG.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 374
    Total Materials = 113
    Total Points = 293819
    Total Faces = 176892

    Report for MONTREAL_GP.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 206
    Total Materials = 106
    Total Points = 230276
    Total Faces = 109923

    Report for NAS_BritishGP.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 674
    Total Materials = 155
    Total Points = 570342
    Total Faces = 452145

    Report for Nuer_EuropeanGP.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 679
    Total Materials = 170
    Total Points = 765986

    Report for Orchard_Lake_Oval.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 275
    Total Materials = 146
    Total Points = 314963
    Total Faces = 169991

    Report for S_HEIGHTS_LONG.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 360
    Total Materials = 109
    Total Points = 386062
    Total Faces = 182659

    Report for TOBAN_LONG.SCN

    Objects Referenced = 610
    Total Materials = 143
    Total Points = 464008
    Total Faces = 254441
  9. How to get this report?

    Thanks for tips
  10. I have 3dsimed but it's GUI is not so user frendly :-(
    But I'll find what I need. Thanks