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New Career Team Choice

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Steve Smith, Jun 17, 2012.

Which team to choose for my first season

Poll closed Jun 24, 2012.
  1. AT&T Williams

  2. Force India

  3. HRT

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  4. Marussa Virgin

  5. Team Lotus

  1. Now that i am going down the path of No-Assist racing i am going to start a new career but i can't decide what team will the better choice for my first season so i thought i would ask my fellow members to vote for their choice :).

    I will be using cockpit view, manual gears and no assists.
  2. Well whats your pace like mate? No point in picking a Williams or Force India and be getting podiums in long races etc.
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  3. Well I'm definately not the fastest of drivers at the minute what with the adjustment of getting used to no assist so I'd say that I'm probably 2-3 seconds off the leaders pace at a rough guess.
  4. If so i suggest FI
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  5. I'd suggest you - Williams. Force India is understeering a lot, you'll learn more when driving the Williams. :)
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  6. yes i would go along with Williams, but don't expect miracles... if you are a couple of seconds off the pace, you will be well down the field in all races on Legend. If you are easily demoralized, then you could go no assists on Pro level for the first season which should give you a couple of podiums (and a better seat for S2), then up to Legend for S2.
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  7. Thanks for the advice Steve. That seems like a good way to start which will ease me in gently to no assists racing. Hopefully by the end of S1 i will have improved enough to move the AI to Legend, and maybe even 100% races lol.
  8. Ben Herbert

    Ben Herbert
    Next Match attending Hull(H) 16th 15.00

    What team have you chosen Steve or are not that far yet?
  9. I've not got that far yet Ben buts its leaning towards Williams at the moment mate.
  10. I went for FI in season one.....done ok.
  11. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread and to the poll. As the majority of the votes were for Williams then that will be my team of choice for S1.

    I will start with TCS on and Autobox whilst I drop the racing line and once I feel confident with that I will then work on dropping the remaining assists of TCS/Autobox.

  12. I dropped the Racing Line last. Actually around a month ago. Before that I was driving with it. It's not a problem tho, you may drop it whenever you want. Concentrate on the TC and Gearbox. Both slow you down.
  13. Thank you for the reply mate, it does make sense what you are saying so I'm gonna have a hour or so practice tonight hopefully so I'll test it out :)
  14. Lotus here . Qualify 14th pos in 1st season Melbourne and just 1.5 second slower than pole (Expert mode) . Not too bad at all :)