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netKar Pro Help for a Newbie

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Alex Ball, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Hey Chaps,

    I picked up a copy of nKPro earlier on, and so far I'm very happy. I have a few questions though.

    1) How do I change my seat position?
    2) I have set the clutch in controller config, but it doesn't work in-game, is that normal?
    3) Look left and right doesn't work, even though I've also configured them in in the setup - again, normal?

    Cheers in advance, I'm sure I'll have more!

  2. Hi Alex first of all welcome to the netkar pro club:)
    Im gonna try to answer your questions.

    1 As far as i know thats not possible as they are fixed, but you have a option to use other camera view points with the f2 key.
    2 That i cant really tell because im using a momo logitech and i dont have a clutch pedal. I know that its not working on a button on my wheel.
    3 Its workin as far as i know i assigned 2 buttons on my wheel in the advanced set up menu and its fine for me.

    Well if you have more questions let me know and i help you where i can:)

  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Thanks for the help Bjorn, I had suspected the seats were as you said. Bit weird, as you CAN move the seat in a real race car, despite what people say.
  4. inside game when you are in box click on "VIEW" in top menu
    there you can change seat position, force feedback and rear view :)

    a bit strange both but I can't give you an answer such I own a DFP with two pedals and view buttons working
    only suggest to repeat the wheel calibration

  5. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Will try the View thing, thanks.

    I think the left/right issue is due to me using a button-box on a separate USB than the wheel. Never mind, I'll have to live without them.

  6. 1. It's not fixed, you can change up/down and FOV in the view menu when in pits, totally right.
    2. Problaby the auto-clutch funtion is on, which overrides your clutch? You can turn it off in the same menu, if I'm not mistaken. If not, recalibrate your clutch.
    3. That should work like a charm. Strange
  7. I hate starting a new thread for very small things, this thread would do I think :)

    Do car setups work in the demo version?

    A quote from the sim website:
    Where is this window menu with a tabs and other stuff?
  8. That text is a bit confusing...

    I just bought the game today, so I might be missing something, but the setup can be loaded when you're in the box. Menu at the top:

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  9. You can't load a set up before 'pre-loading' it from the menu I'm looking for, try to download a setup and put in the correct folder; you won't find it the menu you showed.
  10. I downloaded a setup, put it in the setups folder in My Documents, and it showed up in that menu, I could load it.
  11. Thanks a lot Senad, I just noticed that there is a netkar pro folder in my documents, it should work now. I used to put them in the main netkar directory :tongue: