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need help.

Discussion in 'Racer' started by richabc, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. hi all.

    sorry about posting a new tread about this.
    but some time ago, we had those buses for racer.
    they where beta i think,.. a KIA GRANBIRD, and a DEAWOO ****touringcar.

    is there anyone who has these again for me, or any other bus?
    it would be awesome!

    tnx richard
  2. Why you would have a bus to drive ?
    What's the purpose, seriously apart from jokes, I see no interest in integrating some buses in Racer !

    I mean there's so much stuff guys, like Funny Cars (worldwide fastest cars => 12 G / 0-360 ~ 8s), off roaders, hot rods etc...

    Racer is also available for Force Dynamics Systems, so please make Ruud & community proud & create some real stuff for those "special" configs ! :)
  3. Why wouldn't that be fun?? I think that just a personal taste really...
    Making good busses could be as good and as special as making a good car, maybe even more.

    I had those busses before, but not anymore, if they are not on tracciontrasera, I can't help you
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I agree with Mingus. I love driving buses lol. I remember I used to have loads of buses and bus maps on Midtown Madness 2, it was great fun!
  5. Yeah driving busses in hairpins uphill:)
    I have the unfinished Mercedes Travego, but its has the leopard enigne and stuff. I will never finish it though.
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Well.. if you need a tester.. ;)
  7. @ quadcoremax: i just love to drive big buses, something personal 'bout my grandpa. ;)

    @ mingus: wow, that would be very nice to drive!.. any pics? or how many progress made so far?
  8. eeh, this is what I have at the moment... I started with the interior already too. but let's say its not on the top of my to do list for racer:)

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  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Omg.. I so want it. I might even try converting some buses from MM2 over the summer.. I'm desperate for them lol
  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Hahaha.. nice bus there xD

    I'm after one of those automatic big turbo volvo buses. I love em lol
  11. @KS95-I like a bus to be "different" and have a V8...is that so wrong?-lmao! :)
  12. You convinced me finally, yeah a great idea would integrating those super cool buses into some multiple AI splines on the highway, like Undercover...still I don't know if we can do that ?

    Same thing was for NFS Carbon where those huge trucks/buses gave that amazing sensation of speed when overtaking them at high speeds...
  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'd prefer to just drive the busses myself thanks :)
  14. Yes, looks like we can create traffic with Boomer _make_traffic python file which basically does a reverse of your original spline. The "Read_Me" file looks quite important !
  15. This is a Renault bus that came from the French Racer Forum (although I found it through the Polish Forum). The bus is based on the Leyland Leopard. However, it has changed body texture, new interior, sounds and car.ini adjusted. Here is the link:


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