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Need Help With Marco Simoncelli Mod!...Desprate!

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13' started by mmpaw37, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!,

    I am requesting anyone who can edit the rider names/teams in order to change them.

    I have created a 2011 San Carlo Gresini Honda mod with Marco Simoncelli, all the textures have been re-done and I have replaced the LCR Honda Team.
    The only thing missing now is just the database editing, in order to change Stefan Bradl to Marco Simoncelli with also changing the nationality of the rider. Also, changing the LCR Honda team name to that of the San Carlo Gresini Honda team.

    Without these changes, releasing the mod would in my opinion be pointless at the moment without it being fully complete.
    I have tried to use a hex editor but its too advanced for my skills!.

    If there is one of you that has had experience in doing this then it would help me to finish this mod off so I can then release it.
    If someone can provide the changed modified file to Mediafire or upload to Racedepartment, this would be most appreciated.

    Thanks all and hope there's someone who can help!
  2. can you send me all ? :)
  3. I had a feeling you would be asking for the mod!...I saw your request in the W.I.P thread.

    But, like I said, I'm reluctant to release the mod until someone can edit the database language files in order for me to complete the mod.
    I'm going to try and edit the files myself but in order to do this, there's just a little research to do.
    In regards to the textures, they are mostly complete but there are a few things I need to work on, but they shouldn't take long.
    Information on the modified textures are as follows:

    Completed Marco Simoncelli rider, (Helmet, Leathers, Boots, Gloves)
    Completed Garage, (Walls, Flooring)
    Part Completion of Mechanics/Engineer, (Just need to complete team shirts)
    Completed change of menu picture from S.Bradl to M.Simoncelli.
    Completed change of rider number from Bradl 6 to Simoncelli 58.
    Completed change of menu bike pictures.

    That is about it at the moment, a few little changes to the team crew and that should be it for the textures.
    Again, its just the changing of the rider/team names and the mod would be complete and ready for release.

    I will say though, if the database is unchangeable, I will release the mod anyway.

    Please don't worry pitti59, you have my word I will release the mod soon!

    I hope I have been as informative as possible and give you as much detail as I can.
    Keep your eye on this the threads, the mod will be released soon.

    Regards, mmpaw37.

    P.S. As I don't have the Steam version of the game and have the retail boxed version, at the moment I can't post any screenshots, sorry.
  4. dont' worry my friend :)

    it's a really really fantastic mod with a lot of work!
    i only know its possible to change the name of the rider/driver, you need a hex editor !
  5. look here:
  6. Hi ! iám new hear and i have a question.

    which programm do you use to open the files like MOTOGP.mix ?
    i would like to create my own skin.
    i use the geditor to open kisn from other game, for example GTR2 , but this programm can´t open files from motogp 13.