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Near a wall my car starts glitching/skipping

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by emacoman, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Ok i posted on here before with this problem and no one seemed to have an answer can you guys look at this issue for me and see where the problem is here for me. Every track that i create when u get near the wall the car starts glitching/skipping around. It happens to every person. You can get the tracks to see for yourself at www.bernhardgraphix.com and download eldora speedway or grandview speedway version 2 and any help would be appreciated we cant race at all because the cars skip around. at happens when ur right near the wall and the fencing and stuff i have no idea what too do i deleted the fencing and tried it and that didnt seem to help ever since i bought bobs i have had no help getting this issue fixed its like i spent 70 dollars on something i cant use so please please help me thanks in advance EMACOMAN
  2. What sim/game are the tracks for? rFactor?
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Tip for forum titles: try to describe what is actually the issue. BOBS TRACK BUILDER ISSUES PLEASE HELP <-- doesnt help :). Changed thread title a little to it covers your post better. Good luck :)
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    A complete guess......

    A dodgy collision object in the wall, causing you to hit 'nothing' before the wall.
  5. I tried to open it in rf but I can't get it to load, it keeps crashing my game. I looked at it in simed and everything looks ok. Only other thing that comes to mind is a collision column around the wall.

    [ED] Sorry, didn't mean to repeat your words, I had the reply page open whilst I checked it out :D
  6. I downloaded the track after your previous post, but had the same result as Mianiak - it crashed rFactor, but loaded ok in 3dSimEd. Sorry I can't be of any more help :(
  7. Track needs to go into a seperate folder called 2fastracing to work.
    Ok the problem is your wall angle, the cars try to climb over it.
    You need to keep your walls at 90 degrees to the track surface at the outside edge.

  8. After seeing RT1971's deductions, I wonder if turning off the "driveable" property and leaving "collision" turned on would make a difference?
  9. I would turn off collision & drivable & place a low poly wall next to it but set it not to render.
  10. thanks for the help guys i will give it a shot and see what happens this is for rfactor and the mod is dirt factor its a dirt racing game where car goes sideways i will try all this and see what i can come up with thank you very much
  11. do i do this in the straight aways or no if not how do u only move walls in the corners

  12. You can lean the ones on the straight a bit just incase someone gets pushed wide.
    Just click on the shape tool in the wall menu and add shapes by holding control and clicking on the wall where you want to change the shape, do enough so you can do it smoothly.
    When you have placed the points just click the 1 you want to edit and just move them similar to the pic till you are happy.

  13. i tried this and it did not help

  14. i tried all of these with no outcome does anyone have any other options to try
  15. Does it happen with all cars or just 1 mod, could be the collision object of the car causing problems.
  16. i didnt try any other mod but it seems like it happens in multiplayer only can one of u download the track and check everything out and if u give me ur aim i will send the bobs project file so u can check everything for me
  17. hmm.gif Can you post a video of what the car does?
  18. i will do my best