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Apparel National Helmets V 2.0

National Helmets

  1. Chamonik submitted a new resource:

    National Helmets - National Helmets

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  2. Added the pics to your original post mate. :)

    Thanks for your contribution
  3. sorry Dan this is my second upload with the RD system, still confuse me...
  4. Its fine buddy. We are here to help :)
  5. Thanks :)
  6. South Africa?? Please
  7. :O_o: I haven't thought this through... updating this... this will be interesting...
  8. Updated, (I thing) more like edited link for South Africa...
  9. Im a bit confused by your reply. Sorry
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  10. GREAT helmet. Thank you for the good work.
  11. They look very good
  12. can you create slovenija helmet ?
  13. Nice pack. :thumbsup:
  14. Thank you from Denmark :thumbsup:
  15. edited extra download 3 helmets SLOVENIA - UKRAINE - URUGUAY in the "overview"
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  16. Thank you
  17. Great Britain is made of 4 nations to make sure that i say can you do: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and (where i live) Wales :D Good job overall
  18. XD XD GET OUT OF MY HEAD MAN XD XD ...just finished the updated version of all countries with "badges" infront (above visor) and have edited some countries + ENG, SCO, WAL, NIR, IRL :D
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  19. Chamonik updated National Helmets with a new update entry:

    National Helmets v2

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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