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Skins NASCAR Skin Pack 1 1.1

Skins pack for Nascar

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  2. The Nascars I have downloaded have horrid physics.........are there better more reflecting physics out there and where?
  3. fulchat


    Files seem to be damaged cant open without error. Is it me?
  4. Use Winrar 5.10 or higher. Also work wih WinZip
  5. Attached Files:

  6. Any templates for these cars??
  7. I've made one for a member asked me but don't remember who he is.
  8. Mahad updated NASCAR Skin Pack [FINAL] with a new update entry:

    Upgrade and corrections

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  9. These look great, thank you very much for adding the Nature's Bakery 2016 Danica Patrick car. Here is something I think would be great SHR Mobil 1 cars 4, 10, 14. C10682XMBDP-1.jpg C14682XMBTS-1.jpg CX4682XMBKH-1.jpg