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Names in the custom skins...or not?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paint_roller, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. "Flat" without names,only numbers and livery

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  2. "Full" with pilot names

  1. Paint_roller


    Hi all.
    Just a quick answer,how people prefer repaintings of "official" liveries?
    In 99% of cases there are names on car,but many people do not like it,they prefer a "flat" layout,without names (especially for rally cars).
    So,what you think about? If you want,be so kind to vote one of two options on the header of thread.
  2. ouvert


    if it is skin based on real livery I don`t mind drivers name, if it is fictional I would prefer no name, rather than some fake one ...
    I generaly make my own livery with my name so I see skins I download only on cars I`m racing with so it doesn`t matter to me
  3. Epistolarius


    If it's inspired by or a replica based on real liveries it'd be great if the ui_skin.json file of the livery contained the name(s) of the real drivers with that livery (with multiple drivers using surnames only, to avoid issues with the UI - like 'driverA/driverB/driverC'). If it's a fictional livery you could use whatever name you want, as long as it's realistic. Maybe your own real name. Other than that I'd personally always leave it blank and let AC use its standard names. Anything with weird nicknames or websites or whatever always gets edited out when I download liveries, doesn't need to appear in my game. Content Manager is quite helpful in that regard.