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Name Changes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Maddi0406, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hi to every one..
    I'm afraid of the new Season...
    Did anyone know, how change the Driver Names, Engine Type and Car Numbers in the Menu, where i choose my Driver?

    So please help, if you can...

  2. I don't get what you're asking, Maddi. Is your question about career mode or GP mode? Please try and be more clear.
  3. Ok....the Main thing is, i'd like to create a 2011 Season in the game, with all the New Drivers, the new numbers of the cars, like Red bull #1 and #2; ferrari #5 #6 and so on. in my opinion it must be change for the whole game...it doesn't matter if Carrer mode or GP Mode. Which file have to change for that and how!!!!!
  4. Check out the mods section. You can rename drivers and change the texture for the number of the cars.
    Sounds like a lot of effort for nothing in my opinion, but good luck.
  5. texture change is no problem, but for example in the menu....but why do you thing it is to much effort??????
  6. What he means is, if your doing all that just for sole use for yourself then it seems a waste but if your doing it to release to community then it would be worth it.

    Unless CM change a lot in 2011 edition most of us would rather have a 2011 mod for 2010 instead of buying a new game just for the team changes etc, however I am not sure what CM will be adding in 2011.
  7. Thats pretty much what i mean.

    I jus dont get hung up on names or numbers to be honest in career mode or gp. Primarily im there to race whatever car is in front of me, secondly i like it all to look good hence light and weather mods, hd car skins, authentic rev counter and hd tyres which show the wear etc. Names and numbers mean nothing to me in game. I feel more relevance to the names of my online rivals :)
  8. I'm pretty sure a modder will be releasing a mod for f1 2010 to include all driver/livery changes once the new season gets underway.
  9. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Currently RDDev is doing a 2009 Season Total Conversion/Overhaul. Maybe* in the future we'll do 2008 or 2011