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N vidia tips?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Cunningham, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Booooooooooo my ATI graphics card died.

    Yaaaaaaaaaay new GTX 570 card.

    I dont suppose any of you cant point me the direction of some N Vid RBR graphics/HDR enb tweaks/settings? I currently have the card on max, all seems ok, but I am sure there are some groovy settings out there to make it look better...

  2. Thanks chelton
  3. Use something like nHancer to force SuperSampling Antialiasing and enjoy beautiful smooth graphics. :cool:
  4. i used the HDR v3 mod, very very good, its 1 of the best mods ive used for RBR, had to tweek afew settings in the ini file to keep it running smooth but i only have a gtx550............ your 570 should be schweeeeeeeeeeet.
    ive just bought a 580, but dont have a machine that it will fit into yet hahahahahaa damn thing ;D

  5. Thanks chaps, i have the hdr mod etc, it was specific Nvid settings, like the 'nhancer' which I will look into at the weekend. I have to say the 570 card simply rocks, in all games I see a vast improvement. It changed rbr so much that I had to practise a bit because it seemed like a new game!

    I will report back here if I come accross anything interesting..