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Nürburgring Nordschleife announced for Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by DennS, Dec 19, 2013.

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  2. maybe somehow they DID get the license to create the Nordschleife :x3:
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  3. An announcement about an announcement... oh my... this sounds pretty serious. :D
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  4. I'll reiterate what I said in the other thread;

    - Big manufacturer license (?) Porsche?
    Last year they announced their Ferrari License around the 25th of December if I'm not mistaken :).

    - Somehow they managed to get the Nordschleife license?

    - Or option C, I don't have a 'f****** clue'.

    MP or AI are no announcements to me, we know they are coming, so it must be something we don't know as of yet.
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  5. He will say that Santa exists. :roflmao:
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  6. And the important announcement is .................. Merry Christmas from all the team !!!! LOL now that would be funny. :laugh:
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  7. Maybe the "announcement" is that the MP + AI will be released on December 24th 2013 :)
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  8. Now that is what I call a Christmas Present!
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  9. Well they said they'll ruin our holidays, so... :)
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  10. I know a lot of people don't care for this hyping and mystery, but I love it! I'm already looking past today's update and waiting with baited breath to see what they pull out of the hat on Xmas Eve! I lap this stuff up like a grinning idiot :D
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  11. Maybe its bankruptcy and the closure of Kunos. That would be a surprise.

    - joke -
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  12. I can imagine even worse scenario - EA bought Kunos, and Criterion Games will finish up Assetto Corsa while Kunos team will be put into making spaceships' handling in new Mass Effect 4.5 lol.

    Be to be serious for a moment, I think it will be Nord or Lambo/Jaguar license (because those two weren't in brands poll, especially Lambo looks quite possible to me, because it looks like they didn't give exclusivity to only one of games - EA has got them, Forza and GT also).
    So Lambo or Nord are my main types. And from those two Nord is more possible because we all know that something has been going on with it for very long time.
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  13. Aris said recently that Lambo license is extremely difficult to get, so although not impossible it's unlikely I'd say. Secondly, the Nordschliefe is the most prevalent theory it seems, but as far as I'm aware there simply is not anyone or even any particular body that has the ability to agree terms and sign the legal contracts required to put the track in the game. The place is in deep financial and administrative difficulties, hence the protests being organised at the minute. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong on this, and after all they did put it in their track poll, but I wouldn't hold your breath I'm afraid
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  14. Oh, I missed this Aris' post about Lambo then. So considering the situation I think announcing Lambo would fit such a 'big announcement'. Yeah, Nord situation is pretty difficult so this would also be big surprise.

    Then from new car makers I can only think of Jaguar but it also can be new stuff from current brands, like La Ferrari or P1, or F1 cars from Ferrari/Lotus/McLaren etc. ...

    It also can be announcement of pack of new brands/cars for brands already licenses or pack of tracks...

    Eventually I think it will have something to do with the content for the game.

    Any other ideas?
  15. Making a wipe to announce a licence seems unuseful to me, it doesn't need that kind of announcement...
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  16. Bram

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  17. Aris' response was tucked away in one of his post replies on his personal FB page, so you've got to be an expert degenerate stalker like me to catch and remember these things! :D

    It could be anything, and I'd bet that whatever it is will be a let down to those who will be getting proper carried away with the possibilities. It is however, the day after the track poll closes, so who knows ;) (I just chucked that one in to stir the pot up a little more :D )
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  18. Maybe a modern F1 from Ferrari :rolleyes:.
  19. I think it will be Ferrari based, Marco has been back there recently again.