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Mystery car coming to iRacing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. But what is it? I stumbled across a post in the iRacing forums as I had not seen any mention of new cars on the iRacing news or blog pages but found this comment from Steve Myers here:

    A number of cars have had pictures posted, my personal wish is a Porsche if they have found a way around the much rumoured exclusive deal with EA. An Aston Martin or Ferrari that have also been pictured in that thread would be great. The car I'd least like to see is a dirt oval racer, there is still much to do for road cars before iRacing looks at dirt racing in my opinion.
  2. This is very interesting. Steve made mention of a true grand am ford car in an earlier post. Something about a ford GT if I remember correctly.
  3. It is know that the Ford GT is being made and i think will be ready for next season, aswel as Spa!
  4. I would love it to be a Porsche or the Aston Martin but think it is more likely to be the Ford GT. The Porsche would probably be the best (IMO) option as I can imagine it would be a huge hit what with all of the Porsche Super Cup series around.
  5. It wont be Porsche, they've only mentioned about 30 times that they cant get the license for it yet. I'd hope its some Aston's but really I've got no idea at all.
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    EA has the license for Porsches a.f.a.i.k. However they can do like Gran Turismo did and use the cars made by tuner RUF :)

    A RUF 9ff would be great to drive :)
  7. How does Forza 3 have Porsche etc? Or does it not?! Its been a while since ive played. The Ford GT will be nice though to run alongside the C6R.
  8. Yes it does which makes the EA license thing a bit odd unless its Turn 10/Microsoft that have exclusivity. I seem to recall someone mentioning the EA contract ws due to expire, perhaps Porsche only wants exclusive rights given to a company instead of a more open deal like other manufacturers. Either way I'd love it to be Porsche but hopes are slim. It makes sense it would be a GT40 as iRacing have already licensed a number of other cars from them. Steve mentions two cars, if it is Ford I wonder what the second car would be?
  9. Cup Fusion? Everything so far seems to be single make or multiple class. Would be nice to see different makes vs. each other...
  10. iRacing is superb for what it is and great fun, but you cant beat somethign like the RDLMS for shear excitement, Think what im trying to say is that they need larger mixed fields in the races instead of the 1 or 2 mixed series races.
  11. Yes thats another possibility, I don't mind that the car is a Chevy, they are stock cars so I could be driving a Chevy, Ford or Toyota for that matter but I suppose it would bring in more people who just will not drive anything other than a Ford.

    Simon> I'm not sure if the number can maintain that but more mixed series would be good so long as the population of iRacing is not spread too thinly.
  12. Then again, the Grand-Am tie in may lead to something....

    The development of the new 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 GRAND-AM Rolex Cup car, available for the first time since 2009, has been a unique collaboration between Porsche engineers at the factory in Germany (Porsche AG) and the technical experts at Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) ... For the first time since inception of the Rolex Cup car (starting with Model Year 2007), the actual conversion of these Cup cars to GRAND-AM Rolex Series specifications was done by PMNA’s technicians in Santa Ana.

    So how about a Rolex GT3?

    (ok, wishful thinking, but you never know...)
  13. Yeah I still have some slim hope that maybe licensing through Rolex or Porsche Motorsport North America might be a way around this infamous exclusive deal with EA or whoever (how does Forza 3 have Porsches in it?) Hopefully it won't be long until we hear something.
  14. It might just be that EA doesnt have exclusive rights, its just that Porsche want so much money iRacing etc just cant afford to license a 997 etc.
  15. Well its been revealed in the latest episode of iRacingTV that the Ford GT is indeed being built and will be released some time in 2011 along with a Sprint car and the Street Stock car as well as the new Nationwide car.
  16. Considering 3 of those 4 had already been announced a while back we still don't know what the new car(s) will be. Not sure if they mentioned the new Nationwide on the forum, so maybe that's one of the 2 new cars.