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My youtube series: Let's Play F1 2010 Career mode on Expert

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Steve Stoop, Jan 17, 2011.


    That's right Season 2 of this let's play coming at you! I have heavily modded my game to bring you the closest balls to the wall offline racing you'll ever see.

    Sticking with Team Lotus but now as their no 1 driver, join me for another crazy season dissing drivers from all continents in the hunt for my second consecutive WDC crown!

    Round 1: Bahrain GP:
    Round 2: Australian GP:

    Round 3: Malaysian GP

    Round 4: Chinese GP
    Round 5: Spanish GP


    sup guys,

    Been working on a youtube series with commentary where I take you along for the ride for an entire season of F1 2010 in career mode with the Lotus on expert difficulty (so no assists, legend ai, fuel and tire sim activated, also no mods installed except the cockpit cam mod).

    Includes tips and tricks on how to tackle the circuits and how to handle the car, random ramblings about real F1, the occasional jab at codemaster's not always too masterful coding, and much more!

    Check the vids out linked below or you can find all of them on my channel. Please subscribe and give me feedback if you like it :)Hope you enjoy and that it helps some of you guys struggling on expert settings.

    race1 Bahrain: 2nd place (no video for that, only thought of doing this series after that race lol)

    race 2: Australia - Melbourne

    race 3: Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

    race 4: China - Shanghai

    race 5: Spain - Catalunya

    race 6: Monaco - Monte Carlo

    race 7: Turkey- Istanbul

    race 8: Canada - Montreal

    race 9 : Europe - Valencia

    race 10: UK - Silverstone

    race 11: Germany- Hockenheim

    race 12: Hungary- Hungaroring

    race 13: Belgium- Spa Francorchamps

    race 14: Italy- Monza

    race 15: Singapore- Marina Bay

    race 16: Japan - Suzuka

    race 17: Korea - Yeongam

    race 18: Brazil - Sao Paulo

    race 19: Abu Dhabi- Yas Marina
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Wicked just watched the first one, will watch the others tomorrow. One question though since you had it on expert shouldnt some of those crunches especially the one with schumacher taken out your front wing?
  3. good question, I thought so too, but I guess i was just lucky. I just put the settings on expert and didn't change a thing, promise :).
    If you watch the monaco race i graze the barriers one or two times, but only 'yellow' front wing damage.

    Think i'm just a lucky bastard :D
  4. This game is not accurate when it comes to damage. I race with damage set to "full" and still I can hit things pretty hard without too much damage happening to my car. In a race last night Kubica spun out in front of me and I could not avoid him. We hit pretty hard. In the real world both of us would have been out of the race. I did sustain damage to my front wing in my collision with Kubica, but I was still able to carry on without too many issues.

    I only watched the first half of the Melbourne video (I will come back and watch future videos for tracks I may not know all that well when they become available). I take it Steve you don't have any mods installed since you say you like to race online? I re-started my career for the upteenth time and raced at Melbourne last night (I am back in the crappy HRT car). I have the latest "Slow Corner Fix" mod (a new one will be released soon?), the "True AI" and a "database.bin" mod installed also racing against "Legends" AI and my AI opponents are a lot harder to pass than the AI in your videos and our laps times are fairly close to each other. You must be using the default game with no mods installed? because the AI in your video are not good on the back straight chicane at Melbourne. Oh I also do 100% length races. I wonder if that also effects the AI?
  5. yea i race without mods except the cockpit cam 'look to apex' mod (its called realistic cameras mod iirc), just because i'm so used to it I can't race without it anymore lol. I do have the mods but don't use 'em for these vids, I use the generic mod enabler to easily switch them on and off when I want to go online.

    As I say somewhere in one of the vids, I want to show the game 'as codemasters present it to us', not letting CM profit from all the hard work these great modders do.

    If these vids get some success I'm considering making a season 2 with the mods you mention installed and give me a real challenge. Really looking forward to that slow corner fix mod to be finished.
  6. that is y.. ppl claim that physics are NOT CORRECT in this game..
  7. In respect to your comment about the bus-stop chicane (Monaco@7:17), you were correct the first time, whilst still not incorrect the second time when referencing Spa. Turns 10 & 11, which make up the left-right chicane after the tunnel was, and perhaps still may be, an actual bus stop & originally the layout ran past what is now turn 11 for a very fast left-right chicane that brought them harbor-side towards Tabac.

    Even though I don't play the PC version, rather I am on the XBOX platform, it is nice to see the video. I just wrapped up my 7th year in career mode on Expert Setting & there is no debate for me, Monaco is my favourite track, hands-down. So many people do not like it or get frustrated with it, but as you said in the beginning of your video, it just takes practice...and more practice. Eventually you get into a rhythm, and unlike other tracks, it seems to flow more fluidly than any other circuit. (All the while you are forced to keep your concentration very high; the Armco-barriers are not so forgiving.)

    (As a footnote, I noticed your in-game nationality flag is Belgian, yet your English is very, very good. You have little-to-no accent, but am I correct in saying the dialect I'm hearing is that of a Flemish speaker? None-the-less, good videos - even if they aren't as relevant to my game-play due to the PC factor.)
  8. Well done mate. I love to watch this kinda stuff, always fun to see how others do it, and maybe even learn a couple of things too.

    Wich cockpit mod you use, I love it, can you give me a link maybe? This way you can drive from within the cockpit not slightly above it. (like im doing now)
  9. this is the cockpit mod i used. http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-mods/43235-new-file-added-rddev-realistic-cameras.html
    I think it's the FOV 70 one i'm using now.

    and yea Justin I'm Belgian, and as any 'good' Belgian does I speak Dutch and French as well ;)

    so do I get this right?
    the first chicane after the tunnel is the bus stop
    Tabac is the fast left turn after that,
    and that next fast chicane followed by a slower one is the swimming pool area
    that ends into the slow right rascasse turn and then on to the home straight?
  10. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Just watched your second race again brilliant its quite enjoyable this stuff.

    One thing you said at the start about the starting fuel on 20% its actually 100% fuel thats why when your tyres were going off you were still gaining a massive amount of time cos your fuel is dissapearing 5x faster, same with the AI its not about the catchup file its because the fuel is going at 5x faster.

    Cant wait to watch the next episode.
  11. Tunnel is turn 9, then that first left turn at the chicane, which some diagrams label as Nouvelle Chicane, is turn 10, with turn 11 being the right hander out of the chicane onto the harbor-side road heading towards the left hand turn of Tabac (turn 120). I guess it's fair to call it simply "Chicane", as most circuit diagrams label it as such, but it's all the same really.

    After the left handed sweeper at Tabac - if you can call it that on a circuit such as Monaco - you come to the very fast left,right,left at "Piscine" and after that is La Rascasse and ultimately Anthony Noghes. C'est fini.
  12. PArt 6 is up:

    Didn't know the track well but it worked out ok in the end, not entirely confident that I took the right setup though.
  13. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Another excellent video Steve ...... You questioned the name of turn 8 at Istanbul.

    I posted a reply on You Tube ..... Here is a quote from an F1 Fan website regarding the '4 Apex Corner' .... "Then there is turn 8, unique in all of Formula One this four apex flat out corner has been nicknamed Diabolica by some of the Racing Media an apt name for a very difficult but rewarding corner when everything comes together." .... I hope that becomes it's official name .... Diabolica

    ** Actually it's f1racingfan.com **
  14. Steve great work mate I am loving this series of your's I am up to episode 3 next and your witty banter makes me laugh on many occasion, thank's :D. I am taking break's in between modding and have started to watch so now I seriously need help as I play, mod and now watch the game :eek:.

    Seriously thank you and keep them coming mate it is very refreshing !
  15. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Hey Steve, kudos for your work on those videos. I like it. It´s fun to watch and listen. Just finished you racing Monaco, you´re flying through there and I know what I´m talking about.
    This is probably the track I´ve practised the most and I agree with all your tips on how to drive it. And that chicane after the tunnel, I didn´t thought it´s possible in 3rd gear so I have something to achieve next time I´m around lol.
    On another note can you tell how you fixed the rubber line coming up in the race, since I tried pretty much everything but allways ended up with putting back in the GPU fix for the puddles.

  16. Glad you guys are enjoying it, the montreal race should be up very soon, youtube is now processing it.

    about the racing line:
    I'm using the files someone else tweaked to get back my racing line without suffering to much of an fps drop, works very well for me. I think he mentioned optimizing it for quadcores but maybe it works for dual cores as well. The game runs at about 60 fps when i'm playing without recording, and stays at a steady 30 fps when i'm recording with fraps (and I limited fraps to 30 fps myself) So this is aperfect solution for me. my setup: gtx 260, intel core i7 CPU 920@2.67ghz, 6 GB RAM, win 7

    here's the files he posted, just replace the old ones in the corresponding folders

    here's the thread i found it in
  17. I use it too and I am dual core but check the hardware config file as it still has the gpu line it to be removed also set the resolution to your own in that file. And hey presto it work's I only get 1 extra fps but I am mid range so that extra 1 help's :D
  18. Hurry up and get the races after Montreal up online. LOL ... I am catching up to where you are with my career and having some video references when I get to some of the tracks I don't know very well would be nice. As much as it hurts the ego to say this, you are a few seconds per lap faster than me (I blame my age, I am no spring chicken LOL) so having actual career video references is good. Most videos on YouTube are from TTs and are not very helpful.

    I have downloaded this mod and copied over all the files (I did backup the files I had before copying the new ones).

    Question: the system folder from this mod contains tons of files. I don't want to overwrite the "system/flow" file and risk screwing up the autosave game fix (I learned this lesson already). But I am wondering if overwriting the rest of the files could effect the patch from CM? Or was this mod made with patched files? Having the rubbered in racing line is nice, but at the end of the day it is only eye candy.
  19. yea, that's one of the reasons i started doing these vids, most of the f1 2010 vids on youtube are indeed TT laps which frankly are useless to learn from for career or gp mode.I might do Valencia tonight so if I do it'll be up tomorrow, then vids will prolly going to be coming out a bit slower since i got a fairly busy week ahead.

    I just applied the mod over my patched game. I don't think it messes wih the database or flow.bin file, it's mostly ai mods that do that.
    In any case i haven't had any problems saving my career progress, and online works fine with this too, it just tweaks the files related to graphics afaik.
  20. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Ah well I pretty much rely on the rubber line late in the race to get to more grippy areas of the track so it´s kinda important feature to me and not only eye candy. And additionally the drying line after rain is helping as well to find the line with the best grip so I wouldn´t say it´s only eye candy. Right now I drive wihtout the trackinfo set to GPU and it annoys me that I can´t see the drying or rubber line.


    P.S.: Haven´t looked into the files yet but probably will try to only replace the config files which are responsible for giving me the 2 lines in race.