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my steering wheel is going berserk (logitech DFGT) Halp! ;)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Steve Stoop, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. So my downshift paddle on my logitech driving force GT has gone berserk. For every one click, I go down 2 or more gears.

    Seems like when i press the paddle it counts as a downshift (as it should lol), but then when i release it, it counts another downshift, so for one click i'm 2 gears down.

    This happened from one race to another. I did a race in Monza downshifting just fine, an hour later boot up again for another one and suddenly this happens. It happens all the time, with every downshift, so it's not a problem that comes and goes and I have no idea what could have caused this.

    As you can imagine that makes it quite impossible to jet around monaco (league race coming up there) lol - or any other track for that matter so the career vids and online races are on hold untill I can get this sorted.

    Any of you guys had this issue? If you had, how did you solve it?

    I already sent a message to official logitech support but no answer yet from them so figured i'd ask here too.

  2. Not seen anyone with this problem before. Just tried google and few forums and couldnt see anything similar either.

    In windows looking at the calibrate screen (or whatever its called) operate the button and see if its lighting up red when you press it and going out when you release it. See if its behaviour looks different to your upshift button operation.
    Maybe try changing the downshift assignment to a different button, or switching your up/down shift assignments and see if the problem still happens. This could eliminate software/config issues and maybe point towards a faulty switch in the wheel itself.

    Other than that, uninstall the wheel drivers and try a fresh, or try your wheel on a friends rig if possible.
  3. I Had a similar Problem with my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Wheel... I realized, that when shifting up with the Paddle that it didnt do that clicking noise anymore, but the function of the paddle was still ok. Few Days later the clicking on the Downshiftpaddle was broken too but again no consequence for the function of that paddle... Again a few days later the wheel shiftet down for no reason, even without touching the paddle.
    I found that it was a broken cable. everytime i steered hard left or hard right and the Force-Feedback startet shaking the Wheel "short-circuited" on that cable resulting in a downshift. You could clearly see that when testing it in the system menu's option for the force feedback testing... startet a force feedback effect, steered hard to the left an the downshift-button lid up...

    I drove a few races using another button for downshifting and then purchased another Ferrari GT Exp. on ebay. I still hope i can fix that cable if i find a way to open up the whell without breaking it.
  4. thx for the help guys

    I installed the latest drivers - still berserk
    Went into the logitech profiler, redid calibration - still berserk, did notice the downshift paddle isn't as responsive as the upshift

    The clicking noise is definately different from the upshift paddle, it must be related to the paddle itself/wiring connected to it, because I changed the downshift button to left arrow on the dpad (still on the wheel ofc) and it works fine that way.

    Needs some getting used to but guess it's a decent enough interim solution untill i (hopefully) hear back from logitech or one of you guys can come up with the magic solution ;). Still managed a 1.15.3 on monaco in GP mode so guess it ain't that bad lol.
  5. Seems to be pointing at a faulty switch. Just to make sure can you try assigning the upshift to it and see if that doubles up too?

    Im not 100% on the accessibility on a GT wheel (its a button not a paddle isnt it?), but can you try and get some switch cleaner into the actual switch? On my G27 you can actually see the microswitch that gets depressed when operating the paddle, so using one of those plastic nozzles on the end of the can, you can pinpoint where you want the cleaner to go.
  6. yup, does the same if i remap it to do upshifts, so guess at least we found the cause lol.

    the DFGT does indeed have more of a button rather than an actual paddle. If i -gently- lift up the button/paddle I do see a 'mini button thingy' underneeth (sorry- horrible tech noob when it comes to hardware lol) which i'm guessing is the switch. Off to find me some switch cleaner then I guess and see if that does the trick.

    thx for the help
  7. Id only go for the cleaner if you can clearly see what you are squirting it on, and dont drown it!

    If you think you can go down the warranty route maybe best to leave it and see what logitech say.

    Eitherway hope you get it sorted.
  8. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    In think they are using microswitches in these wheeles, at least most of the use cases have them. Here is a picture:

    Either this switch is not placed properly and somehow loosened from the bracket it´s attached to. That would explain the double shifting, it flips back and forth in its loosened bracket and that results in a double click. Or like someone mentioned before the cables are hotwired somewhere in the area where movement causes this. Or the microswitch is broken internally (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f8/Microswitch.jpg)

    I think your best bet is to remove the cover and look what type it is and find a replacement in an electronics store as long as you have enough faith in your soldering skills... good luck Steve.. I would even buy you the switch and send it over, since you´re not making any videos until this is fixed. I know selfish lol..

  9. hehe I'll try that. I have a decent enough interim solution though so don't worry, vids are still coming out...matter of fact just uploading the singapore career race right now :)
  10. Hi Steve,I have a spare DFGT Wheel & Pedals Which Logitech did not require back when replacing the faulty wheel, I will have a look inside it for you and see if switches can easily be removed. My wheel just stopped centering on load up. everything else worked ok.