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My McLaren work

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by GForce1015, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Not a true Senna replica but for the time I had I like the end result.
    I originally had the tires too but they wouldnt stick unless I switched all cars.




    Here's the link. Only made hightextures
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  2. Graet Thanks Wow Nice
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    WoW, holy shitballs dude!
  4. I added a link for you guys. Thanks for the positive responses!
    Jensen's car is the one with the Brazilian flag and Senna's name on it.
    If you liked that, boy do I have a surprise for you coming very soon.
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  5. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Oh my. Poor Lewis. He would be fuming! :D
  6. Nice work.. Thanks..
  7. Thanks for sharing this beauty!
  8. Nice work man!!! I can't wait to see pssg import/export working, it will be awesome to change the models and have a 1985-95 season mod! :D
  9. Wow holy ****. outstanding work.
  10. Amazing work.
  11. is this the Mc Laren with Mercedes Engine or with Peugout or Honda?

    btw looks great!!!!
  12. Good job ....

    Just missed to change the name of the distributor of tires that are on the wing of the car.
  13. Nice idea:thumbsup:
  14. If only Mclaren could get together with Marlboro for the 2014 Brazilian Grand prix for Senna's 20 year death anniversary and put this design into the Mclaren that would be so awesome in so many levels. I can't even begin to comprehend how awesome it would be. Besides, that's the only Grand prix that I get to go every year so I would be there and it would be one the best moments of my life.
  15. Amazing. Thank you!
  16. Well I originally had planned to do an entire character swap. However that planned didnt pan out.

    What worked:
    Helmet, Stats, Face during cut scenes (side note my career driver is my face :) )
    What Didnt:
    Photo card when selecting driver (showed Bruno's picture so I assume it's tied to last name), Driver names when showing manufacture info (showed up as db_Ayrton Senna)

    Anyways here's a consolation main menu video of the car.

    (car with tires I originally planned)
  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It's reflections are pretty strong, i.e. it's like a dying star in rain races. Any chance to get this fixed? :)

  18. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    All the problem is, is that the speccoc file hasn't been created correctly at all.

    It just needs redoing to reflect the new logos and paint line placements correctly.

    Without it you will see shadows of old logos, lines etc etc in certain instances.
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  19. Beautiful car.:thumbsup:
  20. looks great, can't wait to see what's next. cheers