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My homemade FFB controller

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mizoo, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, simracer fans :)

    I just wanted to show you my last project.
    After seeing the Steph Bord and V8Ben videos I wanted an FFB Happ steering wheel too !

    But, instead of hacking a logitech board, I built my own FFB controller:

    It's based on a Blueboard LPC1768H (I have also a version for LPCXPRESSO), 34$.

    The main specs are:
    - 1 kHz refresh rate output signal (ie: for AMC)
    - 1 kHz refresh rate for USB data coming from game (even if most games actually update the data only 60-100 times per sec.)
    - incremental rotary encoder for the steering wheel position (I'm using a 2048CPR, 8192 position per rotation, on direct drive)
    - compatible with G25 pedals (and shifter soon)
    - configuration via OLED display (soon)
    - FFB monitoring, to avoid clipping (currently via serial port, and on OLED soon)
    - no need to any driver

    To drive the motor, I'm currently using an AMC servo drive, but I will build my own motor controller once the firmware is finished (for brushed and brushless motors).

    I also removed the mechanical stop of the steering wheel, since it's managed with the motor (the steering angle is configurable).

    This setup is more strong and fun than my G25 (I rediscover rFactor that I disliked before).
    I can have strong FFB effects without clipping.

    I think to provide a firmware soon (maybe for few bucks or donation).
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  2. Looks good.. will certainly follow the build.
  3. Excellent stuff!

    Please keep this info coming! I know a number of people will be very interested in this :)
  4. Yes! Very interesting!!
  5. Pax7

    LifeOn2 Development

    Well done Mizoo, needless to say you are on to something big here... An FFB controller system is a major missing link in the community, not least to be able to build high-end FFB devices, where we today are limited to FREX and ECCI, neither being optimal solutions.

    I am for one very interested in this project! I have a M.Sc. in computer engineering, with some experience in embedded systems, so I might be able to assist in one form or the other.
  6. nice job Sir!
  7. Hi,

    before to release a first beta version I have to finish the configuration interface (OLED+buttons or touchscreen display).

    If you have any ideas or wishlist, feel free to post it ;)
  8. Pretty exciting project, Mizoo
    Would it be possible to use your controller for a direct drive FFb wheel?
    Where there is no gear but where the wheel are mounted directly on the motor axle.
  9. Yes.
    A beta tester, RFR member, used it on a "big" direct drive motor with magnetic rotary encoder.

    The ratio between the steering wheel and the motor doesn't matter.
  10. very very interesting Mizoo, please keep us up to date :)
  11. Indeed! Please do! :)
  12. Some people ask me questions about the rotary encoder, here some pix:

    It's an optical rotary encoder (model accucoder) bought on eBay for 22$US.
    Resolution: 8192 points per rotation (I also have a 20.000 PPR).
    The precision is more than sufficient!
  13. First version of the configuration application:

  14. Excellent Progress........ We are all watching with great interest! :)
  15. Nice,nice,go ahead, I will follow the development by the end :thumb:
  16. Great progress Mizoo but I have a question:

    Some of us are using other FFB wheels with 900 degrees of rotation, such as the ECCI 7000 FFB wheel. Will the software for your new board allow us to control the motor on our wheel, and apply a mechanical "stop" to whatever degrees rotation we want? There is no software tool for my ECCI wheel that allows me to mechanically adjust the degrees of rotation through the motor. That would be a nice feature to have, because my ECCI wheel, when used at 900 degrees, is not enjoyable in some older arcade games, and the experience is not that good.
  17. My board only provides logical signals (and PWM), there is no power outputs (yet).
    So, you have to connect it to the power stage of your wheel.

    What type of FFB board is used in the ECCI7000 ? (ECCI made ? immersion ? I don't think that it's a logitech one if you cannot change the rotation)
  18. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I had a feeling that would be the case. I am not sure but I think ECCI uses their own FFB board, and not Immersion's. So I'm sol on that option anyways. S'all good though, I'll just continue using DXTWeakx2 until they release a hard stop of their own. :)
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  19. A video from a RFR member, using also an arcade steering wheel (little less powerfull than mine, with 1080° mechanical stop) with my firmware, but with a really more attractive cockpit :p

    (Donuts test at 7:12)

    Unfortunately, the motor is under powered (yet).

    His thread.
  20. Isamu, it's an Immersion card on the ECCI 7000. If you want electrical stops liKe the Fanatec or G25, you have just to connect your DC motor with a 30A8 or 12A6 AMC amplifier and the Blueboard card with the Mizzoo program and let's go ;)

    The Mizoo software with this combo allow us to control the motor on our wheel, and apply a mechanical "stop" to whatever degrees rotation we want... ;)