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My first ever 100% Race

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Joel Vischer, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Well, I just completed my first ever 100% race, on Catalunya,Spain 66 Laps, and it was Boring..
    Yeah i know, i expected it too be hard and all, but it wasn't.. First of all: My settings: Everything off except Traction Control and ABS, im playing with a Ps3 controller so traction control of is most of the time not a good option, im going to try and race without it on Monaco though xD Fuel sim On Tyre sim on everything in that particular category ON. As for the AI: Legend ( still they are rubbish ) Flashbacks: One, I have this at one just in case some stupid penalty comes up like getting a penalty when you try to lap a slow car, and the slow car gets in front of you causing you both to collide and YOU get the penalty for making this collision.

    So i started the race weekend with the 3 practice rounds, wasn't too much of a battle, got a setup from some guy in the setup sub-section and managed to get low 1.18's on options. i know.. This is slow. On primes i hitted high 1,18's and low 1.19's. As for the Qualification rounds i used another setup which got me a second of the time with both tyres. ( 1,17s ( OP ) 1.18s ( PR ) Due to the AI driving around 1,18,XXX I was forced to put on my option tyres to secure a first place, which got me to start on options.

    So now the race, Tyre strategy was a 2 stopper, lap 15 and 41 both primes. At the start i had these HIGH expectations of the race being a tough battle but as soon as the lights went out i just literally cruised away from the guy in 2nd place, in this case Mark Webber. I thought by myself.. Oh Really.. After 14 laps i had a gap from over 20 seconds to M. Webber but wasn't yet enough to get into 1st place again after the stop, Pit stop took 4.3 seconds.. Like McLaren does it in 2,31 seconds in real life.. But yeah, I came in 2nd before Schumacher. The following lap i did a normal lap and webber already pitted so 1st place was mine again, as he left the pits i had a 10 second lead already. around lap 25-30 i had a 30second lead and when i came in for my scheduled pit stop i was at 47 Seconds! Believe it or not, im not joking. I left the pits and the upcoming lap i yet again had a 28 second lead over Webber. As the last 15 laps were coming i extended my lead to 51 seconds and i thought, lets make another pit stop and go for option tyres to drive some fast laps. Throughout my stupidness I entered the pits and forgot to check the option for "soft" tyres. So I was sent out with yet another set of primes... So the next lap i pitted again, now options were fitted to my car. now a 8 second gap was left, but still, this wasn't enough for a battle. Fastest lap i've driven was a 1,18,523. As you can read from this report you'd already guessed, I finished first. leading over webber with 26 seconds
    So to be true, i didn't really find this too spectacular, it might be because i use TC so im going to try and drive without it but that will be very hard since the ps3 controller doesnt have FFB. So i won't feel the car as people do with their fancy wheels :p I'd really want a wheel though, except i have no mounting point so i'm forced to buy either a wheelstand or Playseat, but im thinking about this since its expensive, Playseat + a G25 is priced at 600 euro.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Okay, I don't think the Traction Control on OFF On Monaco is a good idea, i just did 49 laps in Time Trial With TC OFF and it didnt work out to well, my fastest time though was a 1,12,652 with a few bumps here and there, but yeah. I got the throttle part, i'm not able to throttle at 100 % in a corner, as with TC ON but you have to feather it, and when you come out of the corner, gently push on the throttle, but yeah the controller doesnt give the full opportunity to gently push because the angle between 0-100% is quiet small. When the steer is straight you can almost go flat out, but that causes wheel spin. Imo monaco isn't the track that i can learn how to master TC with a wheel, though i got the car not to spin!

    Lets race..

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  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    No, Monaco certainly isn't the place to learn driving without aids - but what's the worst that could happen? ;)
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  4. Well, Like me shooting off in the wall at the fast chicanes, When you exit the tunnel, you have the very slow corner, after you get a left hander, and after those the fast chicanes.. Well, i went in the wall just like Senna did this year? And the car was declared as dead. so yeah xD
  5. The AI are too easy if you're driving in a team with KERS mate.
    Try doing 100% in HRT, Virgin, Caterham...should be more of a challenge. Although it'd still bore me to death playing codemasters' over-tentative AI.
  6. Catalunya isn't a track the AI is good at. I won it Season 1, Virgin with over half a minute. Try tracks on which the AI is good. You'll have more fun. Also you're in a Ferrari which gives you a lot of speed. At this point you can try a Williams as you're too slow to be able to fight with a Virgin/HRT/Caterham. Don't go Monaco. Monaco = AI sucks even more. You can lap the AI there a few times. Try something like Suzuka, maybe Melbourne, maybe Malaysia. Actually they're pretty fast in China too. They also suck in Canada so it's gonna be an easy win there too.
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  7. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Agree with Kristians post.
    Your experience was ruined by:
    TCS, Track where AI are Slow, Too fast a car.

    I'm running Williams in Career and its good racing.
    In Turkey the AI are not bad either.
    In Monaco the AI are slow but the walls are deadly.
    But I understand that most ppl need a wheel to drive well without TCS, There are rare example, our WDC last year in No assists league was using a controller.
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  8. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    I think the AI is the number one reason most people look for a league to drive in. There is not a lot of excitement or pleasure in winning a race that you feel you shouldn't have won. But the first time you win a race in a league against real drivers all following the same rules that you are, that's when it's exciting, and that's when you gain the most pleasure out of this game.
  9. I almost never use kers though, imo it doesn't feel to work xD

    Yes, I agree with those statements, though i have a few questions/remarks
    Is it useful for me to reset my career and start all over again? Or should i finish this season and pick another team?
    Also, about the TCS, It's really hard to handle, you have to have a very good control over your finger in order to feather the gas and not push it in to fast else you are going to wheelspin and eventually spin. Steering with a controller works fine for me, i can do it smooth, i have quite a steady thumb on that one, though the gas is another thing. The R2 button has a small angle between off and on. ( Don't know how to mention it else. ) So the amount of pressure needed to press the R2 button to it's fully 100 % is small, this is why it makes it so hard to control the gas without tcs. And i'd like to remark another thing. Manual gear shifts, In previous games of F1 ( PS2 ) i was able to and drive and shift manual, In F1 2010 and 2011 i'm not. Im too busy with minding the controls. This is also a feature which restrains me from pushing the limits too.

    Please post you're thoughts on these..

  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Throttle control on controller is hard but its do able.
    Its all about creating a skill then a habiit then finally a motor neurone pathway for syhchonising the thumb on the steering angle and the finger on the throttle angle.
    As you wind off lock you wind on throttle as if linked by a string.
  11. Martin Ott was using a pad!?

    Say it ain't so Joe.
  12. Haha, Chris, He's one of a kind, i've never seen anyone been able to drive 100 % without even a mistake. This is based on using a controller and No Aids. Im kinda using TCS off now, and it works fine but sometimes I am to quick with pushing the throttle. As far as my steering on a pad I must say I can do it fairly well, I don't steer with these fast movements, i steer gentle and smooth, like a steering wheel. Though the only thing that bugs me is the throttle control on the pad :p