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My feelings after the patch

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cueceleches, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Ok, fisrt of all, I must say I LOVE IT.

    I installed via GFWL flawlessly. Despite I forgot to first uninstall my mods (which are all of them graphical, not tweaks) all went right. I don´t suffer the savegame problem, it works just right.
    So, there I am at Singapore in my Williams. The tyre wear bug is there, that´s true, but I solved it as suggested by selecting a new set before moving to P2. It worked. Though I feel it should be addressed in a new patch. P times and Q times seem to be more according to reality, but this is just a feeling, no intensive testing done. I qualified 5th.
    Race time. Heavy rain. Pre patch, the AI would have overtaken me like bullets. No more! I had a wonderful struggle with Webber for half the race for P2. Top cars were not far away, but I could have outdistanced them if I knew how to drive better in wet conditions. It rained through the whole race, so I only used wets. Not even intermediates, wich I would have like just to see if the AI behave as good with those.
    Strangely, there was no AI collisions or DNFs as I´ve read it occurs quite often post patch.
    I´m on PC, and haven´t noticed any FPS drop at all, despite my rather humble machine. It runs as smooth as always, no rant on this side.

    So, this is it. In my opinion, the patch is good, though the tyre bug should be addressed. Now I move to Suzuka and will do more testing on the AI. But I really like how things are going.

    My 2 cents!
  2. Yes i like that the 11/11 bug was fixed because now we can get back to the serious business of racing and not thinking the car thats just passed you and is pulling away at over a 2nd per lap is breaking the max spring rules. I have to admite i have noticed FPS drop from 30 to 21 last night but its no big deal as long as it doesn't drop any lower, and if CM do release a 3rd patch hopefully it addresses the FPS and the tyre bug. So far though i have no complaints about the game it is better now, much more fun online as you watch those who used the 11/11 bug fly off the track as they try to take the corners as they did before is very nice to watch lol, and as you pass them you think to yourself sucker.:p
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  3. Online is just brilliant right now, very close and intense, just like it was in F1 2010.
  4. Yeah, online is much better now imo. Looking at last night I think people were doing quite similar laptimes and the things that made the difference were strategy and mistakes (how it should be). Ofc, there are still some differences, but it seems everyone is racing on even terms now.

    Sometimes before the patch I wondered whether the spring limits were really being followed. There were times when I (in my own opinion) pulled the perfect lap and still got beaten by 1.5-2 seconds. Maybe I'm just slow lol :p

    Haven't tested the AI yet though, so no opinion on that.
  5. moi, je trouve que codemasters a fait du très bon travail, merci beaucoup
  6. Thats why its good the 11/11 bug has been fixed because i'm sure 99% of the people was thinking how can that guy brake that late, accelerate that quickly, carry that much speed into that corner etc. This was the most important fix from my POV because its what made the racing more of a chore than something thats fun and the constant amount of accidents where the person who coursed the accident didn't stop to wait. Now we hopefully will see less of that as most of those guy's relied on the 11/11 bug anyway, and the regulars from 2010 might then return to this game and add to the great online races which looking at last night should be the case from now on.:D
  7. after the patch I've noticed the game is having stuttering in the races...before the patch I didn't have this problem :(
  8. I just had my first race after patch 2, and it was a blast! The AI finally is something to stop rambling, they could try to outbrake you a bit more, but aside from that they do wonderfully. I qualified 4th with a mclaren (pro AI), ended up 4th (+13 s) after losing a couple places (my bad) and taking them back second by second. The fastest laps of everybody in the top 7 were in half a second, and I did not have to swerve to avoid a slow car in every corner like I used to.

    About time.
  9. nice! :) Now Im maybe comming back, but I havent touched my Wheel for months now :o
  10. It´s like riding a bike, 4 wheeled bike and.... really fast one :D. Jokes aside... welcome and hurry back.

    As good as it is now with glitches fixed, im afraid there are way too many people driving destruction derby.
    Any resonable solution to this type of drivers?
  11. Just finished my first patch 2 race. This is my second season on legend. Australia. The weirdest race ever. First, got 7 DNFs, among the accidents I had Vettel, Webber, Hamilton and Perez crashing all alone. The AI was really improved and they sound like little Michael Schumacher clones now. Speaking of which, Schumacher won the race and I got 2nd by 12s. I opted for a 3 stops strategy using option/option/option/prime. And Schumacher only did one stop running 40% on option and the rest on primes. So, I think there are some bugs related as I can't think of having that much isolated crashes and also can't believe it's possible to win Australia with one stop, although someone can come with real F1 data showing it was done.
  12. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I did my first post-patch race yesterday at Melbourne too. The AI were much more competitive eventually although didn't take opportunities to pass me in the first few laps when I made mistakes that should have been punished. Like the previous poster I had multiple DNF's.. 5 I think it was which is good but what was not so good was having a podium of Rosberg, Petrov, Heidfeld followed by the only true front runner in Alonso and then Buemi and Maldanado. I finished 7th after a couple of errors in the last third of the race and with some really nice fights with AI cars. Oh and Heidfeld qualified on pole just ahead of me.

    Re 11/11 I never ran it previously but tried it out last night in Malaysia and found it much faster than a lower spring setting I used earlier. Bear in mind I have hardly run Malaysia in the 2011 game so it may just be me getting more accustomed to the track but does anybody know what they have done to resolve the spring bug as I am a little concerned that it still apeared to be quite a bit faster for me.
  13. Am I missing something? I do not have an awesome PC by any means but I get a minimum - yes, minimum - of 80fps on VERY HIGH on my PC - i5 2500k 3.33GHz, Geforce 550Ti, DDR3-1333 8GB? People with supposedly higher specs get between 20 and 40 FPS. How is that possible? Have they optimised it more possibly for some CPU's/GPU's than others? MY GPU is a very budget card, not a top performer by any means.

    However, one thing I have changed is the hardware_settings.config, so that it uses workermap4core.xml instead of the workermap2core.xml it defaults to for some reason, and set the processors in the supposed order(3-3-1-0-2-3, cannot remember the names of the processes that uses each core). Note that I set my graphics settings to my preferences in-game BEFORE doing this, as you then have to exit the game and change the file, and then set it to read-only, otherwise it reverts to CPU type to workermap2core.xml.

    This is all assuming you have a > than 2 core system, and have the same problem.

    Hopefully this helps someone? But I seriously doubt it will give you an extra 40-60fps.
  14. I too found odd podium and qualifying positions during my 2 races in the new patch, for some reason Barrichello is now consistantly in the top 6 and the lower tier teams are nearly trumping the top tiers in almost all sessions. my last race at turkey saw Petrov win with vettel 2nd then Barrichello, Buemi, Massa, Schumacher, Myself then Hamilton, Heidfeld , Webber, Button, Alonso. Now in a one off race i could accept these results but its happened twice now in completely different conditions.
  15. Can you elaborate on this... How can i use workermap4core.xml? I have intel i5 2400 @ 3.1Ghz but i don't know if the game uses all 4 cores. Maybe this is the case why in some point the game stutters. Gpu is HD5670 1Gb DDR5 no O/C; RAM: 4Gb DDR3. I play with High settings and V-sync ON. If i use 2xMSAA benchmark is ave fps=52, min fps=48. And when I turn off AA I get about 58-60 fps and min a of 54 fps. I really want to play with AA enabled for the graphics to look better but I also want a steady fps of 60 matching my monitor refresh rate.
  16. You go into the F1 2011 folder in Documents, where you will find hardware_settings_config.xml. The line where you see workermapXcore.xml, make sure that it says 4 in the place of the X, otherwise make it a 4, and change the processor assigning values, in this order, to 3-3-1-0-2-3.

    Also, go into the F1 2011 folder in the ProgramData folder and set the replay.pbf to read-only, except if you're big on replays - clearly I'm not though. That may help your stutter problems.
  17. Okay that was fast. Thanks for the reply. I will try it now.
  18. I edited my hardware_settings_config.xml as you directed but when I ran benchmark I'm getting the same old values as before, so I exited the game and checked my hardware_settings config.xml but the values I edited for workermap4core was reverted to their old values to workermap2cores. So to my curiosity I opened hardware_settings_info.xml and found that my cpu number of cores is only 2

    <cpu name="Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz" speed="3092" cores="2" hyperThreading="true" sse2Supported="true" rating="3" />

    I checked with CPU-ID and it clearly says that my Intel i5 processor has 4 cores.

    What is wrong? Please Help!
  19. NB: You need to set your Graphics settings IN THE GAME first, then exit, then edit hardware_settings_config.xml as you did first, close & save, right-click on it click Properties, and make it read-only. Otherwise it will override it every time you enter the game. Note that you won't be able to change graphical settings in-game, but if you are like me who sets it as I like and then leave it like that for the rest of time, then it won't affect you.

    Oh, and yes, you can change in hardware_settings_info.xml from <cpu name="Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz" speed="3092" cores="2" hyperThreading="true" sse2Supported="true" rating="3" /> to <cpu name="Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz" speed="3092" cores="4" hyperThreading="true" sse2Supported="true" rating="3" />, and set that file to read-only aswell, as it doesn't do any harm on my side - but not sure it makes a difference either.

    Let us know how that went.
  20. Okay. I will try again. thanks for the help