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My Drift Test Track (layout similar to seika hills)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by smr597, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Basically I made this track to test my own litle game projects drifting capabilties. But i converted it to racer also, to compare my projects physics and reactions with racer. And i decided to release it as a work in progress track, because it needs all the right ini's, i just made a quick & dirty ini job to get the wheels on the surface, if anyone cares please make new inis to the track.

    Few words bout the track, it's a drift oriented track based on seika hills, im suspecting that it's a litlle bit smaller than the original track. Anyway the terrain is far from the real one and ultra low poly, just a placeholder.

    I know you want pics...

    Anyway, if its worth it, then have fun with it.
  2. wow great! racer needs more drift oriented tracks :D i'll test it later thx for sharing :)
  3. Wow, Thx I love this track.
  4. lol i got my winamp echoing by a mistake, somebody please help me im going crazy with the echo, YEAH it's offtopic, but seriously thie echo drives me nuts, how to turn it off? Concider it as a concentration issue on updating the track, if i get rid off the echo i'll be able to update the track haha...
  5. Echo has to be done with a Plug-In.

    If you go to Windows\Program Files\WinAmp\Plugins\DSP_SPS you can see the plug-ins, and maybe find the one that's echoing everything.

    Or got to Preferences, Plug-ins, DSP/Effect, select on the list on the right, then "configure plug-in" below that list, and set it up or turn it off.
  6. Thanks man! And sorry about the blonde moment + getting off topic. I'm currently having alot of things to do and dont have the time to check the 1000 functions i have in winamp, witch are awesome but i just simply don't have the time to cruisearound programs and controll them. I listen to music when I program my sim sorta like a game, edit videos, convert models to keep me inspired and model tracks to get the physics right. Anyway, Thanks FiftyOrange for the reply, i got it fixed now. I am posibly going to model a better terrain soon but i am not sure if i am going to model the exact Seika Hills or i'm just going to add other functional parts, such as a larger race circuit and a 1/4 drag strip etc.
    Afterall this was suposed to be a physics test track for my own game, but i like to see the difference with racer
  7. Love thi track, tested with El Camino lol :D its slow but cool THX again!