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My circuit is suddenly flickering...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by SKG, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. SKG


    Hi guys

    I'm sure it's rare to find a BTB noob in 2016 but here I am. Only my 2nd serious attempt at a design and everything is progressing nicely then suddenly, after exporting the track for a test drive, all the textures on walls, barriers, trees etc. are flickering and clipping through each other. It is especially noticeable as you go further from the origin (the yellow axis cross, seen in the plan view in BTB), could this be something to do with it?

    I should have made backups but I haven't made one in quite some time, and I don't know what changed in order for this flickering to start since I've been making quite a few changes each time I export and test to save time, I am living to regret it now though...

    Any suggestions from BTB veterans?

  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    it is pretty normal when moving more and more from the center, that textures are flickering (shadows).
    I do not know exactly what you see when a texture is flickering, but when it is a shadow, raise the clip planes figure in the *.SCN file

    Color=(0, 0, 0)
    Size=(1.00, 1.00) Center=(0.5, 0.5)
    FOV=(77.75, 62.50)
    ClipPlanes=(0.05, 1500.0) << These!!
    Color=(0, 0, 0)
    Size=(1024.00, 64.00) Center=(512, 32.00)
    FOV=(62.5, 62.5)
    ClipPlanes=(0.5, 150.0) << These!!

    And look in your *.CAM file.
    All the cams have a clip plane value.

    Position=(659.7102, -25.56418, -582.9932)
    Fov=(60, 60)
    Color=(0, 0, 0)
    ClipPlanes=(2.5, 11500) << These!!
    Size=(1.000000, 1.000000)
    Center=(0.500000, 0.500000)
    ActivationLocation=(704.7162, -20, -638.9308)

    Something you can add too in your *.SCN file is this line:

    MaxShadowRange=(400.00) Above *here 400m, the track is not creating a shadow.