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My career highlight :)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. So after a mediocre first season, finishing overall 15th which by the way I got offered to resign for 7m so I took it.

    So next season came, and would you know it, all upgrades gone and couldnt choose my r&d path, I was was gutted.

    So bahrain came again, and im thinking time for a serious title mount, also lost my rival???? wtf...anyways.

    So i load up ramons bahrain setup, hitting 2 min primes in practice....q1 came round stuck some options on and hit a 1 58.2 which eventually got me 5th in the shootout :)

    So I knew I had to do a hamilton on the first corner, heavy braking late down to turn 1 in second, couldnt pull it off just hard breaking so I turned in why shifting and braking down, missed vettels backside by a milimetre I was ready to restart after a possible penalty lol :)

    Luckily I got away with it, I was due to pit in the 5th lap, with vettel up my rear all the way, just could not lose that sod haha.

    onto primes hitting the huge pack of cars on the exit, patiently coasted through, after a few laps I regained 5th by pitstops.

    pitted again for options on the 14th lap (40% race 20 laps), I had to gain 15 seconds on hamilton and button (1&2) I was third by that time.

    After a couple of laps the engineer said I was cutting them down by 3 seconds a lap?? god knows what my lap times were lol.

    so on the 20th lap I am right behind them, took hamilton on the twisty s2 with an audacious move, button was still 2 seconds ahead, with only a sector and half left, I catch him on the last corner!! he brakes too early and thats 1 st place taken with both of them up my rear all the way to the finish line....it was a photo finish maybe 0.01 in it?

    My first race won, I am pretty proud of that :D
  2. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Congrats, that story was gripping all the way :)
  3. Nice, I had something similar myself, only difference was, it was my 3rd race & I just couldnt get round the track. After stupid amounts of practise I accidently won it. But I know just how you feel. I ended up going to the pub & getting drunk to celebrate. Congratz.
  4. and a 2-2 draw with Man City in the F.A. Cup (I noticed you're from Leicester). Pretty good results all round. Well done mate
  5. Heh, I dont support my own town or country, why?

    Because their management are a shambles.