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My apologies if I offend Germans with my comments.

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Mohamedou Ari, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    I have been watching the German F1 News broadcast, Inside Grand Prix, since 2006 when Speed broadcasted it on before the race.

    I remember in 2010, when they broadcasted on YouTube in English and German, the beautiful female host (her name is Kera; I sent her a message of appreciation on Facebook and she replied to me with the same amount of appreciation and we went our separate ways since) sounded like she was trying too hard when she did the English version.

    When I hear the past hosts and the German narrator speaking English, their German accents sounded fake.

    I would like to write a letter to whoever administers the show that if they are broadcasting outside the German, Austria, or any other national regions with similar languages, keep the show in the original language and only allow subtitles.

    Besides, I have watched the German F1 broadcast, and not only did I learn a handful of new words, I got to see Tanja Bauer, who is quite a beauty for her age.

    Here is an example of the German narrator saying, "A star is born!"

  2. <-- Not offended but extremely confused :O_o:

    What is this post about?
  3. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    What I am saying is the show should be the same for the World and should only broadcast in German with subtitles for non-German speaking nations because the crew sounds like they are trying too hard when speaking English.
  4. Well, yes, some Germans seem to be unable to speak English without an accent. I don't really understand why, though. I know many (even fairly intelligent) people who seem retain their accent no matter how much practice they get and others (including me) who never really had that problem.
    Sure, it does sound quite goofy and I don't like it either, but why does it matter and more importantly, why does it matter on this forum?

    On a side note: I hate German F1 broadcasts in general, no matter which language they are trying to speak :cautious:
  5. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Well, Markus, I just wanted to share this on the forum and get opinions from German nationals such as yourself and a few others.

    Besides, I have come across German's here in the U.S., particularly the professors, psychologists, any one of them that has achieved mastery in certain fields of study, and, when they speak 'Englisch', their accents sound like they aren't overdoing it with the English.

    EDIT - I like Inside Grand Prix, but, as I said, they should only do the show in 'Deutschen'.

    I am sure many of you on here watch it as well.
  6. This indeed is quite a big issue isn't it ? :p
  7. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Mainly because I made it a big issue and I want to learn every major languages unlike 1 in 5 Americans.

    Sometimes, I learn by hearing the word and, sometimes, when subtitles are included.
  8. Be careful not to "try too hard"! :D
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  9. Well I know 2 languages, that's all I need to know :sneaky: