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My 3 projector curved screen setup

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Marius@Warpalizer, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm Marius from Norway, I work with Warpalizer (Warp and blend software).

    This is my personal 3 projector curved screen setup. I made this screen myself, to see how cheap I could pull off a good screen for gaming.

    This was the drawing of the room, the screen and projectors:

    I decided to use my office for this, the room is 3x3m. The MDF sheets I used for the screen is 4mm.
    The screen cost itself is about 200 usd (!).
    Projectors is ASUS B1M, they cost about 600 usd. I use a Dell Precision M6700 notebook and a old Logitech Driving Force Pro with home made adapter for OMP steering wheel and extender for shifter. :)



    I hope to get some help setting up FOV for some racing games here, as I love racing games myself and play alot on my spare time.
    Which games do you want to see on this screen?

    Best Regards,
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  2. Here is a video for you guys, please set quality to 720p. The video was recorded in "first person" with a old ContourHD camera:

    Some more pictures of games, man it's really hard taking photos of this! The room is also way to small (another lens on the camera would do)

    Shift 2 Unleashed:
    I have to say I love both these cameras. The helmet cam feels so real, and the bumper cam is so immersive!
    Helmet Cam -
    Bumper Cam -

    Live for Speed:
    Good old Live for Speed, wow this game really deserves a graphics update.

    ISI's rFactor:
    With Supra mod, really love the handling and sound of this mod!

    Amazing sim!
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  3. can you show some videos? it looks epic!
  4. Here :) Exuse the "fisheye" effect, I had to record it with a Contour HD camera, and sit a little bit further back than whats optimal.
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  5. Hi Guys, I hope your summer have been good. I've aquired a GoPro Hero3 Black camera now, to record videos of games with. What games would you like to see on this screen? :)
  6. Nice piece of work, Marius! :thumbsup: Tell us, how did you create that curving support on wich you attached the screen? :sneaky:
  7. Thanks jefbougy. The mdf sheets are in fact just fixed to the wall. There was a little area that is flat in the middle, that I made to fit the curving with bondo :)