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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Nadon, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Is there a way to install your own music? I put a couple of MP3's in the Documents/Assetto Corsa/music folder but got nothing.
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  2. I think the game uses media directly from your Documents\Music directory. At least that's what I read somewhere in another thread..
  3. why dodnt you just play music using your normal media player? I have spotify on all the time when playing all games.
  4. Ok, but you really don't want anything running in the background while playing games. I only want music on when in menu or showroom not while I'm driving. I read somewhere that someone had there own music playing in menu and in showroom.:confused: Oh well its all good.
  5. Yes that is somewhat what I read,(not at RD) that AC has it's own music player and you can listen to your own music. What? Where? How? In the sound option you do have UI music slider, but no music.:unsure: Could be a future update.
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  6. why would someone listen to music while racing?
    rather concentrate on the sound of the tires and the engine
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  7. There's a radio app in the dev apps. Haven't tried it yet though and... my dev apps got disabled in the last update and I forgot how to enable them :D

    Stig never seems to be distracted, so why not :p
  8. Jempy


    Very easy: ;)
    - In Steam/SteamApps/Common/AssettoCorsa/System/Cfg,
    - doubleclick on Assetto Corsa.ini
    - modify ENABLE_DEV_APPS=0 into ENABLE_DEV_APPS=1
    - Save and close
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  9. Ooooh... system\cfg, not in the cfg folder directly in the game's directory :laugh:
    Thx :thumbsup:
  10. i thought they took the music player out of it, never seen it listed again after an update and it only played 10tracks and didnt continously play them, had to press play after every song
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  11. That's why it's still among the dev apps - unavailable by default and still being worked on.
    I'm sure when it's done, we'll get a full car audio simulation app :)
  12. should only work on road cars :)
  13. What if someone takes his phone to a GT car? :p

  14. A good tune can net you a few hundredths.
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  15. enabled dev apps n ther is no radio or music player
  16. :D
  17. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    If you want your own music in the 360 degree showroom then go to:

    You'll see "track.wav"

    Then take which ever song you want to use and convert it to .wav format. "AnyVideo Converter" is a good one, and then just copy and paste the song into the showroom folder and voila!

    Personally, I recommend the song called: "Snitch" by Antonio Pinto.

    Makes for epic car viewing. lol
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  18. Manuel Staedel

    Manuel Staedel

    Any idea, how it don't work. I just replace all songs in all showroom's with a wave names track.wav, but i don't hear the original sounds like wind oder animals in gras, but not the song, that i put in.