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Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Every, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Having had the 2012 game for a while now I have been enjoying levelling upon multiplayer recently

    WHile the multiplayer experience is a but buggy and rubbish in places in that you cant mute people away from the menu and there are various buggy buts

    I have noticed in the last few days some real bad issues that haven't affected me before, notably complete CTD in the odd server and sometimes waiting for minutes £waiting for players while in a new room.

    Very frustrating, I realise most guys here probly play leagues, and I don't want that, sorry, not for me, prefer to just roll up and race when I get time.

    But if anyone plays public rooms have they noticed a real drop off in admin and server healthiness recently?
  2. Hey mate,

    Sorry you've not had a reply sooner... are you a PC gamer?
  3. Staggering.seriously never known anything like this game

    Honest to God I tried to have 13 multiplayer races tonight and finished one!

    9 of those were people running off the track or a light touch and then me unavoidably hitting them and being penalised when they had made an error and started spinning in front of me!

    the others were my mistakes

    But in one whole hour I tried to enter 13 sodding races and didn't finish 12!

    This has to be the most pathetically administered and QA tested release I have ever seen!

    Why on earth is there no multiplayer ghost mode to stop the ramming cretins who ruin nearly every server
  4. Try hosting your own lobby and look in the settings for the ghost mode. Join one of the many excellent racing leagues here at the RD, we're a decent bunch of folks who race fairly. Some of the leagues use Tungle but I know the Thrusday night championship for PC does not.

    As long as your a clean racer they'd all like to have you join. Speed is not essential... Im the slowest driver in the two leagues I race in but its all good fun :)
  5. Well i play on multiplayer, but have found a lot of clean racers like myself and we always make a private lobby so no loony racers can get in..........