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Multiplayer server re-opened

Discussion in 'Racer' started by GizmoPower, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Re-opened

    Racer cars and tracks for server!Download the game, cars and tracks here wich will be used by users to see eachother on the server: gizmo-gizmo.dyndns.org

    Last update: 25.08.2013: Updates on page. There are 14 cars for download

    How to..?
    You need to install the Racer0655 and all cars on the links below in order to see other players racing them
    Important!! Dont try to connect with another version of Racer. It will probably kill the server due to bugs!
    Join by selecting "Join multiplayer" in Racers menu​


    Racer 0.655


    D1 Drift cars



    Carlwsood wich is default in Racer
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  2. Tought we could give it a try again :) Happy racing!
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  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    woo cool!
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  4. I naturally want to suggest some old american muscle cars but I doubt I would have much time to play unless it was during a suitable time of day for north americans.
  5. The server will be on 24/7. It is fiber 50/50mb so the speed should be ok!
    I will see if people want to use it. If not I´ll take it down.
    What would be nice is to make this as userfriendly as possible.
  6. Well... we will need to publicize this so other people can see it and play on it.
  7. I can't join, i can't write ip of the server on there :( how to do it?
  8. Sometimes the logon-window "hides"
    Press the windows button on keyboard and it will appear.
  9. And still i can't type anything in window...
  10. And when i try to join my game crashes..
  11. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude, works for me...
  12. Great!

    Does anyone know if Racer can be ran in host mode ONLY? Like in server mode?

    When I had Racer server running I made a racer.bat file wich included racer.exe and watchdog.exe wich would restart racer server if it terminated.

    Could be great if anything happen when in host mode as well.. :)

    But currently Host is running fine!

    If people want to use this we could try to go to a newer version of Racer.
    Also add more cars, and maybe change track form time to time.

    Maybe vacation mode on most in here? :)
  13. Server is down atm. Will be back up Sunday!
  14. I dont think its any point. Nobody using it.
    Well, might give it another go some time! :)
  15. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Sorry Gizmo, things have gotten quieter over the past few months.. maybe when Ruud gets a new release out, eh? :)
  16. I'd use it but we need newer and refined content really...

    How come you are running such an old version?

  17. Old - But stable and the one that can run on maybe the worst of toasters.