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Multiplayer Organizations

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by SunBro, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. This is my first thread so excuse me if i opened it at the wrong place and direct me to the right one please :)

    So with the new update, how can we organize races? I feel like the mp will be crowded but not too much to the point that you can always easily jump in an ongoing session. I feel like if we knew when a race would start, we could better set our schedules. I asked it here because i don't feel that this is big enough to open up a league yet. Maybe this thread will be where we schedule races?
  2. Don't see how it's possible atm with the random-ish server list.
    The races only have 15 minutes or so practice/qually before they start. So unless we're all sat here refreshing the Forum.... :O_o:

    Maybe a better idea for people to have their real names so we know who is on the same servers - i recognised quite a few names from here last night.
    You can also come back on here and lambaste their poor driving and curse them for using you as a brake.
  3. If it grows in popularity and there's a demand/interest and if it's technically feasible, the RD guys would probably be keen to set up a Racing Club.
    Such formats already exist on RD covering other popular sims like GTR, RFactor,RACE07,GSC,AC, etc...
  4. I think the current system is just a placeholder while they make the actual ontrack racing work as good as possible, then they'll move on to adding more features like being able to set up your own races and facilitate club/league racing with passworded servers etc. At least that's what I vaguely remember them saying a while back.
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    Would be also nice to have track on what your friends are doing like on which server they are and so on...
  6. You can use RD ts for that, if there are enough players there will be no space for wreckers.
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    ts?do you mean team speak?
  8. Yes
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    Unfortunately due to my parents sleeping next to my room Ts is not the right solution for me... :( anyway other online racing games have ingame or inlobby chat...that not a bad idea to do...or maybe a simple friends section where infos are showing where they are racing at the moment..it would be nice... :)
  10. I could of sworn in a earlier game it popped up with someone saying sorry. Might be my mind playing tricks mind you
  11. There is a chat box in the race