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Multiplayer no go

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by ohioracer, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Why, when i select mp, go to pick a race, pick a car, select it, watch the little spinning thing for a min then it says pick a car. Pick a car watch the spinning thing for a min, then, pick a car. Never lets me go race.

    I own almost all dlc so it's not that i don't have car/track that i'm selecting. Got to go once out of about six or seven attempts, dtm 92, then someone entered the race and my screen froze for about 4 or 5 seconds and when i woke up, i was staring at armco.

    Also, in mp, are the purple highlighted ones races i can't race in? and the gray shaded ones i can race at? thanks for any help.
  2. Do u see pings on the servers u are trying to connect to? U need to.

    Also It takes a few tries clicking on the livery screen, sometimes a lot.
  3. Multiplayer is still in Alpha so not everything is working 100% flawless. I had these connect-problems myself from time to time. But after a few attempts I finally always got in.

    It has nothing to do with content you own or don't own. If you don't own some content you can still chose it but you will have to buy it before you can enter the server. This can all be done from the car/skin selection screen when entering a multiplayer race. I guess you will need to have some vRP left in your account to make the purchase.

    And the purple highlighted races are already in race-session so you can't join them anymore. You can join a server in training/qualifying sessions only.
  4. no, purple is tracks you don't own :)
  5. Ups...

    I own all tracks and only saw servers in race session highlighted kind of reddish and thought this is what he meant. In this case I have never seen the purple highlighted servers. Sorry! ;)
  6. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    in each bar there is a space at the top that says session ; practice /quali/race and a countdown if its red its dead as its in race session

  7. Maybe you have the same problem like me atm. Usually I had many pings between 60 and 120 and could join the servers, often you have to try it several times. Everything higher than 200 I don't need to try...like today. Of course I tried but no success. Anybody else having much higher pings today than "last year"? The whole day i have pings above 200, average is around 350 (or none)
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2015
  8. where do you live? if you have a ping over 300 the servers do not seem to let you join. i live in nz so i can never join a server
  9. I have high pings and I can join....it takes a number of tries.
  10. well mine are so high they do not show up im convinced that is why i cannot join some servers
  11. but you don't know what your ping is, you are just assuming it is too high? If it is too high(500ms) I don't think any races show up, I believe that is what sonat said to me.

    If I don't use my vpn, I get no pings on anything. When I use my VPN - which will give me a slower ping - I can see about half and it is always the same class/track combo.
  12. i can do a trace ip if you have the server addresses. but i know that my ping to sinapore is about 250-300 (thats average for nz due to the internet s*** hole we call Australia) so if these severs are in europe it could be up to double that.
    internet has been a big debate in nz recently because we are way behind most other country's and people like kim dotcom have been making big promises like a cable straight to america. but im not sure what the chance is because we really don't have the population to support it (replace support with the word which i do not know in English.)
  13. I tried it again and servers are quite full so it seems not to be a common problem. After my post I tried several servers and could join after around 15 mins a single race. But since then zero chance. I live in Germany and till yesterday I had several servers between ping 60 and 120 and could join even much higher pings. Ok, no MP today ;-)