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MS Sidewinder USB Joystick controller problem

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Doug, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I’m able to get my MS Sidewinder USB joystick to work in the game through the ‘My F1 > Driving Controls > Custom’ route, but my control is then too sensitive and twitchy and essentially undriveable. I need to be able to adjust settings such as sensitivity, dead zone, linearity etc., to make the game playable but can’t find any such settings screen. I assume the settings I need are hiding under the ‘Advanced Wheel Settings’ button but I can’t access this, it’s grayed out and unselectable. Other games that don't have my specific joystick pre-set e.g. NFS Shift and GTR Evolution, allow me to associate it with a wheel setting and the 'G25 without pedals' pre-set works 100%.

    Any ideas on how to work around this and for me to start enjoying F1 2010 would be appreciated?
  2. Hi Doug, exactly the same problem!

    I am using same device and as you say, its way to twitchy.

    Other games (rfactor) let you change sensitivity to workable levels, is there any fix / workaround for this pleeeeaaaaassseeee????
  3. Here is Codemaster's reply when I queried this with them:

    Their concern is so touching, brought a tear to my eye. :(

    I replied to this, reminding them that all their other games e.g. Dirt2 allow me to fine tune my controller under "Advanced Wheel Settings", why the ^%$&$%%$ not F1 2010?!!! ................ no reply from them.
  4. Thanks for the reply Doug, its kinda what i was expecting!

    As far as i am concerned, this renders the game usless for me as i won't / can't afford to be splashing out on a wheel just for this.

    Would be interested to see theire reply if i ask for a refund....


    PS roll on rfactor 2...
  5. and the good news is....... patch 1.01 gives access to "Advanced Wheel Settings" for all controllers. :)

    The game is a LOT better now.