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Mr Pibb's 2012 update

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Mr Pibb, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. EDIT: Saturday 3rd March. Version 3 released. Includes Petrov.
    EDIT: Sunday 11th March. Optional 20 race season pack added.

    Hi. I've updated pretty much everything I can think of to 2012 season, with exception of helmets.
    I've updated the following:

    Driver names
    Driver stats
    Driver nationalities
    Driver numbers
    Driver questions
    Driver birthday
    Driver uniforms

    Team names
    Team stats
    Team motorhomes
    Caterham garage
    Caterham garage loading screen
    Caterham team uniforms
    Caterham brakeboard
    Caterham steering wheel
    Caterham logo
    Catherham trucks
    Caterham paddock

    Cars: I've not updated car liveries except for the driver name and car number.
    So this HAS been changed on car livery.
    In the case of Catherham, I have not changed the livery.

    Main menu welcome screen
    Main menu driver selection graphics
    Main menu driver selection flags
    Main menu driver selection car numbers

    Race dates

    Track selection menus
    Track introduction graphics
    Track records
    Track stats

    Hemets: I not updated helmets, but where there are driver team order swaps (like in Mclaren), car numbers, helmets etc are corrected.
    Where there are new drivers, they get their predecessors helmet.

    I think that's it.

    Caterham features a lot because of the removal of the lotus logo and replacement with the new Caterham logo.
    Other team logos are close enough for me, so I've not bothered updating them, but team names have been updated.

    Some screenies:


    Mod comes in four options:
    2011 team order (pre patch)
    2012 team order (pre patch)
    2011 team order (patch 1.2)
    2012 team order (patch 1.2)

    Includes original flow.bin.

    Where patching to true 2012 order, your current save game may be considered corrupt, and you may be forced to restart your career.
    You can patch your existing game by using the 2011 team order patch, and it should be ok.
    This will result in the team/driver selection menu not being shown in logical 2012 car number order and garage locations on track being in the same order as 2011.
    For example, Williams will be in garage 6 when they really ought to be in garage 9 for 2012, Di Resta will be in driver two location in his garage, etc. But otherwise everything else is fine.

    Here's a screenie showing the difference between 2011 and 2012 team order:


    As an optional extra, I have added Track graphics for the following tracks:

    Monaco (new to v2.0)

    Obvious existing signage around a track that had the old F1 2011 logo has been replaced by F1 2012 logo.
    If you see any other obvious F1 2011 logos to change, please let me know.

    I haven't spotted any obvious F1 2011 logos in other tracks.

    Some more screenies:


    As an additional optional extra, I have added a 20 race season pack.


    This gives you 20 races in the season instead of only 19. Instanbul is replaced with Reddvers Bahrain graphical update, and Austin Texas is added to the season (as Korea with Reddvers Austin Texas graphical update). This requires you to rename a track folder before playing Korea or Austin. Instructions for this are provided.


    Well, that's it really.

    Download (English and German version only) full mod v3.0 here.
    Upgrade any version of the mod to v3.0 (English and German) here.

    Download the track extension pack v2.0 here.
    Upgrade v1.0 track extension pack to v2.0 here.

    Download the 20-race extension pack (English and German) v1.0 here.


    Mr Pibb.
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  2. Dude,you are beast.I am really looking forward to use this awsome mod.
  3. great. sounds interesting;)
  4. Wow, nice work! (that was fast)

    I would suggest you only upload your mod in the package. If people can't backup their own files when you give them fair warning then that's their fault. A lot of us have the ability to reinstall from disk or fix the game back to 1.2 via steam. I use Ryder's Mod Manager (as should everyone) so I don't have any issues with enabling/disabling my mods.
  5. Thanks for this, a question for you (Mr.Pib), is possible change the sound's? ex. engine, etc?

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  6. Just a correction : Romain Grosjean run for France, not for Suiss :) (He have the double nationnality, but he got a French licence, so if one day he win, you will hear La Marseillaise :) )
  7. I will start over to help you test this mod. Let me know.
  8. Amazing work! I believe you have already posted in the 2012 season thread I started. Needless to say we could sure use your talents for that mod!

    Are you able to make skins for cars and helmets? I think when the new cars are released this is what we will need to finish a complete 2012 season mod.
  9. Wow, awesome work. Thank you, and looking forward to this.
  10. Fantastic project, keep it up mate
  11. when you plan release this?;)
  12. Isn't Turkey out next year?

    Yup, it is. USA took its place.
    But I'm guessing that's not exactly doable in a mod ;)
  13. This makes my 2012 mod completely useless now.. Which makes me decide im not gonna continue to make any mods now. Looks better anyway than mine, since a lot of graphic mods have been made too.
  14. You guys should help each other out. :cool:
  15. @Sach. You are right.

    This was just a quick personal mod I did for myself, but figured I may as well share it. I'm happy with it the way it is, so I think I'll take time now just to enjoy it! I've got a steering wheel with leds and a triple screen, so frankly I enjoy playing more than modding. But I'm happy to update it when the new drivers are announced, but other than that I reckon I've done my bit.

    If someone wants to use it as a base for a further mod or whatever then they're more than welcome to. There's still plenty of things to change to 2012 - depends on how fussy you want to get. For me this'll do. It runs flawlessley on my machine and everything looks and feels 2012 so I just want to upload it here and share it. Then get on with playing it. :) It's quite playable for me as it is.

    @ glight. I am not familiar with Ryder's Mod manager. Maybe someone can take these files and compile it? I have them in correct folder sructure.

    @ hill. I am flattered but it was just a personal mod and I'm happy with it as it is. If anyone wants to add skins for cars or helmets then they're welcome to. I'll also be happy to download them ;) If you want to update helmets just update the appropriate helmet for that driver, or if he's new, just update his predecessors helmet. Team order etc is automatic. I've not done any funny stuff with swapping this driver with that or that car skin with this one etc.

    So can I just upload these files as a mod here? I can include installation instructions.

    Mr Pibb
  16. I think their mods section will be up very soon, but in the meantime you can host it at an offsite storage location and post a link to the files here.
  17. I AM SPEECHLESS.....:D
    AWESOME !!!
  18. Mr Pibb, just upload the files to megaupload or mediafire and there will be no problem. Thanks for you work.
  19. Isn't that how all mods start?
    I know that feeling;)
    Ryder's Mod manager can work two ways: with rmpk files or with a simple folder structure (MOD FOLDER> database> database.bin etc). So there is no need to compile it for RMM, I would just recommend to use it so it's easy to undo the mod if someone wanted to revert back to the vanilla 2011 game.
    A rar or 7zip on mediafire/megaupload is the way we're doing it for now until RD can get a downloads section again (the staff want to do it properly so they are taking there time, no ETA on that)
  20. Hi Pimp,

    I would love whom you could upload the file :) So we are all looking forward :) Thanks for your trouble who do you give to us freely ...