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Mr Pibb's 20 race season upgrade

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Mr Pibb, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    Since Reddvers released his Bahrain and Austin Texas graphical update, I have added an optional 20 race season pack to my 2012 upgrade mod.

    This will give you 20 races in the season.


    Note that Bahrain is not actually Bahrain, it is Istanbul with a graphical update by Reddvers, and United States is not actually Austin Texas, it is Korea with a graphical update by Reddvers.

    I have included the original Korea track in the 20 race season pack, so you will have 2 Korea tracks - one for Austin Texas, one for Korea. This requires you to rename a track folder before playing Korea or Austin. Instructions for this are provided.


    Championship points are carried over to the 20th race, and careers are simply extended by an extra race.

    You can get this 20 race season pack here.

    Thanks to Reddvers for the Bahrain and Austin Texas graphical update. :)
  2. Nice, thank's, but that is impossible to use the graphical of Korea, in Korea (Race 16), and the graphical update of Korea Texas in the United States (Race 19) without having to quit the game and go on Codemasters/F12011/tracks etc..?
  3. Original Korea is included. Yes, you need to rename a folder prior to racing at Korea or Austin. It's just 1 file to rename. You do not need to quit the game to do this, you can just alt-tab to explorer and do it while the game is running - so long as you do the rename before you go to track.
  4. in my case Korea and USA loading no end
  5. Ok thank's Mr Pibb

    Tomek > You should to keep one of the two korea files with the name of "korea_korea" ( this is the environment original on the track Korea), or "korea_texas" (this is the environment of the new Texas race on korea circuit). And rename the file with the circuit design you want in korea (just one of the two files).

    For example:

    You want the Korea original circuit: rename korea_korea in korea and keep the other in korea_texas

    You want the Korea circuit with Texas environment: rename korea_texas in korea and keep the other in korea_korea
  6. yes this problem i have too help
  7. Problem solved. Only need to to change its name to original "Korea"
  8. is it possible to have the database with HRT reversed with season 2011, the same as the 2012 with HRT reversed but with 2011?
  9. @angel038: I assume you're referring to my main 2012 update mod. Yeah, that's possible. Would you prefer it for F12011 pre-patch or patch 1.2?
  10. thank you very much, it's for patch 1.2.
  11. Hi i don't know why but the two hrt are still inverted, P. De La Rosa has Finland flag, and when you won in grand prix mode, if Grosjean is two or three, Grosjean picture is Petrov picture.