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moving head in F1 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by lawndartleo, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. There are SOOOO many cam mods for F1 2011 that I do not know where to start so I will just ask the question.

    Is there a mod that will add realistic head movement to the driver both from the driver perspective AND any external cameras. As is it right now, the drivers head is pretty much stationary. I tend to drive from the T-cam view and its kind of annoying to see that head straight up when you know it would be leaned over.

    Also, if there is any tutorial on what to edit parameter wise in the XML (I know how to convert from bin to txt), that would be good, too. Then I can make my own.
  2. If you have camera you want to edit, just find "cornering forces". Increase rollLimitInDegrees and yawLimitInDegrees.
  3. But that just changes the camera, doesn't it???... I am talking about getting the helmet moving... Its animation is too static. The driver figure is too rigid.
  4. Camera edit done to the bonnet section and the lines you advised above... Yes, the screen shifts the appropriate amounts but the driver himself is still a terribly static figure. This is a 3D model behavior thing, not a camera thing.
  5. If you want realism, switch to cockpit view, edit the cameras like Wojciech said for that so the forces effect it, and also modify your actionmap to add 'look left/right' to the x-axis of your controller for total head movement realism.

    I would have thought in T-cam your primary concern when braking / cornering is watching the track, not the drivers head lol :D
  6. Action map? I guess I need to Google.

    If I wanted realism I'd head up to Road America and sign up for some Skip Barber driving school.

    Paul, when it comes to GAMES I do not look so much for realism as I do immersion. I didn't get what I wanted from FSX so I went and got a pilots license. Unfortunately I cannot do the same with F1 racing (too old, too poor). A nearly rigid driver head in a view that I like to use... kinda blows it.
  7. If you want to be pedantic then go ahead. :)
    My idea of immersion would be my driving POV, the actual camera view, being exposed to the forces of driving as you describe. Not watching the back of my head be exposed to the forces on a static camera.
    For example, I'm sure you have better immersion sat at the controls in the cockpit of your plane, than you would strapped to the roof.
    This sort of modification is only drivable using headcam, which is why I suggested you give it a shot.

    I'm not telling you how to drive your game, just making a suggestion.

    Too old and poor for F1? Isn't that why they created Indycar?
  8. You call it pedantic but I consider those little details to be part of the "experience".... Look, I am not after the best simulation, I am after the best experience. I really have mailed it in on simulations because they can be picked apart so many ways. I don't want to be bothered by tire models and physics arguments when all I am really after is a little bit if gaming fun. If it's fun, I am happy. Please don't take that to mean I am satisfied with Super Mario Kart, as I am not. Nor do I need to go to the extreme of iRacing.

    And actually, flying in real life is quite the "high angle t-cam". You see everything except that which obscured by the air frame. Even still, it's a wide open view to the world.
  9. Im sure you know what you mean, I hope you get it sorted.
  10. ... you wouldn't see a who lot more strapped to the top of the wing than you do already save for that which is in the way of your line of sight. Besides, I have TrackIR for FS which allows me to move about the cabin (at least my viewing angle) as I wish.

    But this isn't about FS.

    And, no, to this point I have nothing to show for posts here there any everywhere because it seems that A) F1 2011 is dead (sad, it's actually a pretty fun albeit flawed game B) nobody either knows how or it cant be done although i have seen vids that seem to show a lot more driver figure helmet movement and C) the most active F1 conversations seem to be foreign language sites where English language posts don't get a whole lot of attention.
  11. Sorry couldnt help. Being honest with you, I don't think it's something a modder would spend time on, rather than your reasons above.

    Maybe try a request in the mod section, as they may not check the general area where this is.