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Motors TV when F1 Just Isn't Cutting It (UK only?)

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by grahamw, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. grahamw


    I have been wondering where you could watch other form of motor racing other than F1 and discovered Motors TV. Now as far as I can see this seems only to be available through Sky and Virgin so possibly UK Only but I am sure there is a KODI link somewhere on the interwebs.

    Well I was shocked to find they actually show iRacing events as well as whole host of other good stuff including Endurance , Rally, GT and Touring Car ,Various single seater events, Even Motorcycle events if they float your boat (oh yes Boat racing as well)

    Whilst I do love watching a single seater race when things get interesting I have to say watching the Australian Super Car series has been well worth watching for all the thrilling action which just seems to be lacking in some formula's these days.

    Also some of the locations are pretty stunning as well.

    I looked on hear to see if there are any Supercar Mods and it seems they might be out of favor guess people don't get the same buzz with them I guess but if anyone can recommend any for either Stock Car Extreme , Automobilista, Project Cars or Assetto Corsa (yes I know but I won a gift card and thought variety is the spice and all that : > )

    I am new to this forum so If I have breached any of the rules (haven't posted links so assume not) please forgive me.
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  2. fortyfivekev


  3. grahamw


    Thanks Kev for that will take a serious look. I enjoyed watching the Aussie Supercars and also the UTE's V8 as the racing gets pretty eventful I guess it's not for the purists but not one of those people who think racing should all be about F1 or Sports cars.

    I hope as I get better with using the Wheel I can actually really enjoy some racing of this type of car.

    Sometimes F1 (in real life at least) and the like can get a bit to predictable but this type of racing anything can happen and usually does when you least expect it.

    It reminds me of my childhood watching the racing of all types at various tracks across the UK.
  4. fortyfivekev


    There are plenty of V8 Supercar fans on RD so you are not alone there.

    Not sure what your skill level is but the SuperV8 in AMS is a fun car to drive if you are reasonably skilled. The Montana which is basically a Brazilian Ute is easier if you are learning and want to improve your skills.