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MotoGP13 - My Action Shot

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13' started by BikeGamer, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I like editing screenshots for make it more real.
    So I would like to introduce you my work. :whistling:

    Old School



    Marquez vs Rossi (with my HD textures both)

    Hope U like it. ;)
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  2. new one... ;)

    Mick Doohan
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  3. Like the after effects on this, I posted a few on Milestones Twitter so you maybe backing me up on this :)
  4. I'm not sure to understand what do you want... (sorry, english is not my first language) :ninja:
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  5. put them on twitter man, let the devs know how to show art :)
  6. Ho Okay, why not. Thanks :D
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  7. download repsol honda hd where find?
  8. Nowhere for now.
    I used Honda Repsol Marquez Edition(HD) by Thimoty Decrans and I changed many things to stay more close of originale Repsol Bike.
    But it's not all my work, so without this permission, I can't upload my version.
  9. you can ask for the authorization?
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  10. I will.
  11. where?
  12. can someone share the DLC Champions??.. i would to buy it if u want to...
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. you are the best.
    when release?
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  15. Coming soon...
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  16. ok thanks your work is beautiful congratulations!
  17. Just for fun...

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  18. Old school battle...

  19. can you possible skin of pol espargaro?

  20. Come on lollospartacus, it's not a Modding Requests Thread !
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