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MotoGP 14...Help Required!...And Thoughts

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by mmpaw37, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've had MotoGP 14 since release on PC and although in general I have found the game to be quite an improvement in many cases from last year, there are a few issues that I feel still need to be addressed.

    Firstly, we still have the problem regarding exiting the pits with the bike moving slowly, and in some cases either hitting the pit wall/barrier or another rider hitting you while on the pit road.
    Also, we still have the problem that if you decide to 'skip' the on bike pit exit sequence, there is still the issue where you are placed basically on the racing line and being hit by another rider.

    Secondly, the problem of the riders exiting the pit so slow instead of speeding up after crossing the pit exit line, which is a rather strange one!

    However, the biggest problem for me is the UNBELIEVABLE UNDERSTEER!

    To give you a heads up...I have my options set to no TC, manual gears, pro setting, AI on realistic, and tuck in on auto...so in essence as difficult as possible!.
    Now usually, in respects to last years title, with a little tweaking, you could easily get pole position, and on every track using the same method as above and settings.

    This years title however is quite different. My first MGP test was at LeMans where after a little setup change, I was able to get pole by at least a second and a half quicker than the rest.
    The next track I tried, and subsequently have been having nightmares over is Argentina!!!

    No matter how much setting changes I have made, the best I can achieve is ninth!!!...And it's all down to this under steer problem!
    Even though the game IMHO is leaps better than 13, this is very frustrating. I'm happy that the game has improved on the difficulty front but some tracks pose a real problem.

    With this said, I'm hoping that someone can hopefully put my mind at ease, especially in regards to Argentina, where I hope it's just my setup that can resolve this.
    Is there anyone who has been able to get pole at Argentina using the same difficulty level???

  2. I'm sorry for you, man, but what the hell can we ever do for you?
  3. Just wanted to know whether others have a similar problem or, if somebody had managed to get pole at Argentina in MotoGP class...

    I have literally tried everything, even using traction control on full has no effect really.
    Between the two titles, MotoGP 14 without question has serious understeer issues!

    I was hoping also that it could be a simple solution in the setup, if theres something I may have missed.
  4. Brake only with the front brake. It should slow down you of 1/2 seconds
  5. "However, the biggest problem for me is the UNBELIEVABLE UNDERSTEER!''

    I know right? It's something really frustrating. I myself play with PRO physics and no TC and I manage to get the pole. Try taking different/more aggressive lines when entering the corner, that will allow you to exit the corners more sharply. You can also play with the rear brake for
    immediate response at the rear causing you to slide more into the corner. A setup fix won't do it for you, this is a problem in the game itself. However different riding styles can help you solving this issue though.
  6. I already do, but thanks anyway.
  7. Thanks, i'll look into taking more aggressive lines. I had been trying to take a wide line in and close out but nothing seems to work.
    Like I said though, I use manual gears and sometimes its hard to put the power down without the rear spinning up. I start off building the revs and have tried upshifting earlier for more torque, nothing however has worked.

    It would be good if you could post your setup so I can see if theres anything I can migrate into my setup.

    Oh, by the way, i'm also using Marc Marquez.
  8. I might add that the AI is realistic setting...
  9. To avoid spinning, try playing with the throttle, if you are using a XBOX 360 controller or a controller with triggers of course because with keyboard it is full on 100% throttle.

    I personally don't play with a setup because I find the Yamaha and Honda working perfect. I don't feel the effect of a potential setup coming to grips in this game like I do in F1 2013 or GRID Autosport for example and that's a major issue for a game that is labeled next gen.
  10. I also play with AI on realistic ''difficulty''.
  11. rkh


    100% true!!! What a great explanation! Well done, mate!
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  12. rkh


    Actually here, I disagree with you. I can feel the change in setup big time. I went 1.6 secs faster at Sachsenring after my own tweaking. I find setups very much respond to changes now compared to MotoGP13. Again, all subjective, but I feel it a lot man. Except for DLC and video, that of course, is just bullocks by Milestone.
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  13. Yes, it certainly does change some aspects in the bike, but not as radical as how it should be like in real life for example whereas in F1 2013 or Grid Autosport it does and that's why I made the comparison. Overall I definitely agree with you man.
  14. I am using a PS3 six axis controller, and using the triggers for gears and the dual sticks for turning, throttle and brake.

    The thing is, I do use good throttle technique and with manual gearing, so that isn't the issue. I can quite easily control the spinning and have very good control as a whole, but even with TC on full, it's hard to get anything near pole at Argentina because of the under steer.

    Take last night for example...I tried different cornering techniques, coupled with better setup changes, I did manage to improve my qualifying time and managed to be 4th on the grid. Now, that isn't bad but again it's not pole!.
    I also tried the same setup at Assen, and in qualy I bagged pole...2 and a half seconds in front of the rest!.

    I'll have another look at it tonight but, as it stands at the moment, Argentina seems to be my Achilles heel!
  15. Tell me your PB on both Argentina and Assen so that I can compare it with my lap times and give you some feedback.
  16. I will give you the info later afternoon as I am at work at the minute, will be around 4pm ok.
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  17. I believe I have found the solution to your problem mate, matter-fact, It's a solution to my problem as well. The way to resolve the under steer is to ACTIVATE manual TUCK-IN! I just tried it and It resolved the under steer issue (without setup).

    Try tucking in the corner and you will see how smooth your bike will turn in the corner, also you can play with the power slide more when tucked in a corner, it gives you this effect ;);


    Also, let me give you my controller profile that you can try out.

    Right trigger (R2) - throttle
    Left trigger (L2) - front brake
    Triangle - Rewind
    Circle - up shift
    X - rear brake
    Square - down shift
    L1 - tuck in
    R1 - (N.A.)
    Left stick - steering
    Right stick - 360 camera view

    I use the Xbox 360 controller myself.

    Let me know how it turned out for you!:thumbsup:

  18. Hi mate!, thanks for the info, it is most appreciated!.

    Right, in regards to laptimes at Argentina and Assen....
    I had a play last night and to give you a rough example, at Argentina my time was around a 1m36.7, which I think gave me 6th or 7th on the grid.
    However, using the same setup at Assen, In qualifying my time was around 1m32.5, basically I was around 2.3secs faster than the rest.

    I did have a go with the manual tuck-in option, but unfortunately I just can't seem to get on with it.

    So, there you go, that's the best I can do at Argentina!. The strange thing is, on the other tracks that I have been on, setting up the bike and getting pole hasn't been a problem???

    I have seen that the understeer issue isn't just one users problem either. Go onto the Steam MotoGP 14 discussion forum and there have been quite a few talking about it.
    So, with this said, i'm sure Milestone have noted this and with a little luck, it will be amended in a forthcoming patch.
  19. I did some testing and I managed to get a 1:36:2 (I can definitely go into the 1:35's) with stock setup, at Assen I managed to get a 1:31:4 with stock setup. Manual tuck in definitely does the trick for me although I still agree that Milestone needs to patch the under-steer issue. It still lacks.

    And you're right, about the other tracks, however I did manage to clinch pole position on every track, at Motegi I was 3.5 seconds faster than everyone else, with PRO physics on realistic settings so that's odd.
  20. I think I managed to solve the problem to a certain degree. It helps to highten the bike as a whole.
    Why I didn't think of that to start with??? Duh:)
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