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Moto2 Rider Switch - Kallio to QMMF + E.Pons to ITALTRANS 1.1

latest Moto2 Rider Switch

  1. rkh


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  2. rkh


    As usual, please give me a heads up if anything is missing :ninja:

    KNOWN ISSUES: I spent 20 seconds on each BIKERIDER SELECTION SCREEN. IT LOOKS AWFUL. You can opt to not install those BIKERIDER files, but I am not sure I will update it ever as I do not care about the selection screen. If you do not install those files, you will have the standard selection pics...
    ALSO, SKILLSCATALOG update coming....SORRY!!!
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015
  3. rkh


  4. I don't know if i do a mistake, but the mod don't change me the number of the rider