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Mods Moto2 Cockpit Cams 1.0

The pics speak itself

  1. Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
  2. Hello
    tested the mod it works very well
    a video to thank you for your good work
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  3. Thanks really cool video , Good drive too :) , I really think with this camera you could have the feeling of ridying a bike (ok is not the best POV but is something) Glad you like it :)
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  4. good job very immersive!
    I seek the same type of camera for the Ride game
  5. Hy, good job. how I can edit bml file? how I can use MGP BML EDITOR FOR CHANGE POSITION ?
  6. Good job. How I can edit bml file? how I can use mgp bml editor to change the position ? thank
  7. You can edit the .bml with MGPBMLEditor program, and for the position follow the id bike as you want , you will find a lot of line to edit most important are the first one
  8. Hy Xtra-Large22. I want to modify the valentino's yamaha cockpit, I want move back z asix .Can I ask you which is the file that I can modify? ... is it also : data\cameras\bikecameras\cockpitcameras.bml ?
    If it's the file , .... which parameters and which line do I change? sorry for my english and thank you! help me please :)

    how I can know M1 id bike or motogp id ?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2016
  9. Yes the route is correct (data\cameras\bikecameras\cockpitcameras.bml) open that .bml and you can find:
    First line Component (Internal Camara Component) and there yoy can find al the ModelConfig and the Moto id.
    The numbers I edit are those LocalPost and LocalInterest and the MotoGp Id are....600 to 610
    You want the Valentino bike the Id is 601, I hope it helps you ;)
  10. Yesssss......thank youuuuuuuuu !!!!


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  11. Heyyy Looks so great, I realy like it well done :), You only edit the LocalPost and LocalInterest right? Cause I want to made GP16 in th future
  12. hy Xtra- large22 , thank you very much to helped me !! Can I ask you one more question ? How I can know that 601 id is for yamaha M1, 602 id is for suzuki ecc.
    I want to edit Ride cockpit cam too. how can I understand every id what bike belong to ?
  13. I send you a PM to explain that :)
  14. I thank you for making this mod but i feel the camera is placed a little too low. Just needs to be a little higher up for me personally.