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MotecAdd for Game-Stock-Car ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Pawson, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hi Alek

    Sorry this is a bit OT, but any chance that you would be able to release a version for Game Stock Car http://www.game-stockcar.com.br ? It uses the Rfactor engine and I've tried to load it up and it doesn't crash, but just doesn't display anything.

    No worries if you can't, but just thought I would ask.

  2. Hello

    I want to know more about this "game".

    This is a new game based on physical engine ISI? or it's a MOD around the original rFactor.EXE?

    I did not buy it for the moment, therefore I don't know really what is it. It's important to evaluate the work to create MotecAdd for this game/mod, especially if it is about a recompiled EXE…

    If many people want MotecAdd for this game I will open a dedicated thread to speak about it.

  3. Yeah it's a new game based on the ISI engine, actually it feels too much like rFactor when driving it, but heaps better than rFactor IMO. I've tried some other rFactor mods with it and so work and some don't, so I don't think it would be much work for you to get MotecAdd going with it... e.g. rfDynHud works with just a ini file change.

    Hope you can work on getting MotecAdd running with GSC and happy to help with testing if that's what you need.

    Thanks Alek.
  4. Hi

    Ok, I will buy the game and I will look at if I find the data which I need.
    I hope that the management of the slots is identical to that of rFactor, because if it is completely new, that will be really tiresome to understand how to work the dedicated server… (order of data, what happen when driver enter/go out of the server, etc etc etc...)

    But I think that the biggest problem will be the repetitive updates of the game. The game is under development (bugs, etc), with each game-update I must start again my research in the RAM because the data change places (you know :p ). that is really very tedious :rolleyes:

  5. Well Alekhine, I am sure others have said it, but I for one am thankful for your dedication to helping us racers out :)
  6. Hi Alek

    Because I prefer your MotecAdd program and can also use the second screen with dualview :D
    Also, when I run rfDynHUD display telemetry I get a pause every 5 seconds on my system, seems others don't have my issue and because I don't have any issues with MotecAdd and Race07 I think it should be OK with GSC?

    If you can't get it to work or don't have the time then I understand, but it would be nice.

  7. Hi

    I've buy the game yesterday, I look that next week.
    But for the moment I can't use the dedicated server :/ it crash after 10 seconds :s and I see nothing about that in the FAQ..

  8. Hi Alek

    I've never used the dedicated server option yet, just the standard gsc.exe, sorry I'm not sure what that would be. Hopefully the guys over at GSC forum can help, otherwise I've found their support email very quick to respond.

  9. Aborted

    The game crash aleatory, and impossible to launch the dedicated server on my PC.
    No solution was proposed to me.

    Thus I cannot work on this project :s

  10. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Really strange...
    The game is in conflict with something else...
    We are about 12 in our french community to have the game. No crash for us...
    Are you on vista or Seven? Or XP?
    Have you tried it on another OS?
  11. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

  12. Hello, Thanx

    I sought a solution during several days, I put all my drivers up to date, Windows Update, etc...
    But I don't have any result :S
    The only thing that I can make is to start in safe mode to launch the dedicated server, but the game doesn't work in safe mode (obviously).

    I know that my PC is 'old', but nevertheless the game should work :)
  13. Alek

    I put it here in the hope that one of the studio will see this and assist you as i know how good your software is and i am sure many would benifit from having it for this game.

    Dont give up mate :)

  14. Hi ;)

    Yes yesterday I see that my thread was moved to good place in these circumstances. Thanx.

    I hope that I would find a solution very quickly, because I will have much work in the months which come with the other released games. I had a little time immediately to study GSC...

  15. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    Read the FAQ first please.
  16. lol..

    Already read for a long time.

    I specify for information that all the other games work here (rFactor, Race07 series, GTL, GPL, GTR, GTR2, Flight Simulator, and many others.....)

  17. Hi Alek, long time no hear from you!

    Alek, I missed motecadd so much in Game Stock Car (GSC). The sim is great and as a brazilian I love the sim and the tracks. Last week there was an update on GSC and we´re all excited here in Brazil, but I missed MotecAdd so much, so I decided to look for infos and I got this thread here.

    I am close to Renato Simioni and Fernando Oliveira from Reiza, so what kind of help would you need to get MotecAdd running along with GSC?

  18. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Send him a PM.