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Motec won't read .ld files

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Gary Jibb, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    I just installed and blah blah blah the data acquisition and motec stuff.
    I raced a bit and got my log file(s) (.ld files) but the motec is not seeing the files when I search for them. I even added them directly into the folder where the "sample files" are found from the motec itself.

    Now I know there are other threads that ask the same question, but people seem to keep going off in completely different directions with they're replies.
    I would simply like to know what people have done to be able to read the log files within Motec.

    I have both i2 PRO 1.19.0021 and i2 standard 1.19.0020 installed and neither are reading the files.
    The file extensions are the exact same as the sample files so I am not sure what is going on.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Are you sure you installed everything, including this?

    EDIT: By the way, you can uninstall the Standard version, it's similar to the Pro version, but with less features. ;)
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  3. Honestly, done it 3 times on 2 different computers.
    Plus I have read every thread on 3-4 different forums on the same issue with no answer for my problem.
    I assure everything has been installed correctly, and edited accordingly to the forums written by the original uploader.
    All of the log files are there, it's just that motec isn't reading them.
  4. @Gary Jibb
    Which version of the Data Acquisition plugin did you download? There are several versions, and some work only for older versions of i2 pro, like 1.03ish version (the .ld files becomes "invisible" with new versions of i2 pro).

    I suggest using this one that Dewald posted (it should work with recent versions of i2 pro like the one you have):

    If you are using Data Acquisition Plugin 1.32 there is also an update to make it work for recent versions of i2 pro:
  5. I appreciate the help.
    I just uninstalled and re-installed all 3 parts (the data acquisition plugin, the patch file and the moteci2 Pro). I then search for the log files I made and cannot see them when searching. Even if I put them in the folder of the Motec sample files I still cannot see them.
    I honestly feel I have put in the most effort I am willing to and nothing has hinted on doing anything differently. I cannot follow the instructions more directly, therefore I see it as time to stop trying.
    Thanks for your help, I do really appreciate you guys trying. I guess this isn't meant to be right now. :);)
  6. Whoa!
    Seriously Knut, your amazing!
    I think the problem I had was both the motec version and I did not edit a single .plr line properly.
    But seriously, thanks for your help and persistence. I seriously appreciate it!
    If I could give you a hug I would... Maybe. ;)
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  7. You had to edit your .plr file? Seriously? I never had to do that :O_o:
  8. When I was trying to get everything going I was doing whatever it took. If you look in


    "Open the rFactor .plr file and make sure it looks like this:" there were a few differences from what my original .plr file had. Like I said, I tried everything including changing the little 's. Don't know if it was necessary but I'm at a point I'm too scared to change anything that it will all disappear on me ;)

    I guess the term "if it's not broken, don't try fixing it" comes into play...
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  9. I'd just like to ask about his version of Motec compared to the new one, specifically the "Suspension History" tab within the "Suspension" drop-down.
    When he talks about each corner (FL, FR, RR, RL) being "in the green" I understand what he's implying, but the new version of Motec has each corner it's own separate colour.
    Just curious, if your not sure than so be it.
    Thanks! :)

    Nevermind... Thanks anyways. Still super appreciate the help you gave.
  10. @Knut Omdal Tveito

    Have you noticed that the laptimes within rFactor are higher than the laptimes shown on the telemetry?
    My LMPC lap of Mosport in game is 1:13.495 but the telemetry shows it as 1:11.777 (which I obviously like better since last years LMPC quickest laptime was 1:11.339 followed by a 1:11.926).

    Not that it matters more than curiosity, obviously I want to go quicker and am looking into the telemetry for some set-up changes for a few corners.

    Thanks in advance...
  11. @Gary Jibb

    Never noticed actually. Is it just for Mosport? I've read that laps sometimes doesn't register correctly if you use a low logging frequency. But even then it shouldn't be on the order of seconds error. What is your logging frequency?
  12. Didn't see this post until now. He just says the damper velocity is in the green/good zone, as opposed to red(?)/bad zone. I normally don't use the damper history because it's less intuitive to read. I prefer to look at the damper histogram, and for the cars I drive (older cars, tin-tops no downforce) tune the dampers until I get a reasonably symmetrical bellshape distribution and for a reasonably bumpy track aim for around 25% Lowspeed on each side