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MOTEC and learning to drive

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, with the upcoming Megane race I would propose to all drivers to upload their MOTEC files to share telemetries and experience, the procedure to record and share is quite simple
    to do this I ask the ADMINS to open a MOTEC section here above to contain files, if possible :D
    moreover I suggest to upload it together with relevant setup
    I wish this becomes an habit for the next events, if we maintain the same mod for a while :thumb: this will help to drive that cars better, if not will be a good way to improve ability

  2. Hi Alex, well you just started a MOTEC section. Share your files if you like then others might follow your example.
    We are not gonna use a mod for a while, some like Megane some hate it.
    That goes for all mods . We have a big choice in mods and tracks and we want to use all the mods we can to keep everybody happy :) and to surprise all of you.
    But the thought of helping each other out with setups and tips is always welcome at RD. In fact thats why the well known FD series was setup. Ill share my setup for you and others to try for Essington.
    Ill put it up later because it is on my other pc :cool:
    Thx for thinking with us :thumb:
  3. what i mean is a dedicated section like "rFactor mods" etc above
    in this way all data files will be clean and usefull
    if you prefer I can define a sort of form on how upload it (mod, best time etc) in order to let the all thing more interesting and easy to find
    putting all inside this topic will generate noise, imho
  4. I cant decide wat will be on the forum Alex, I will pass your suggestion thru to our Forum creators.
  5. ops, sorry patrick, i don't know anything about RDept organization tree :D
    thanks for forwarding the idea
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi Alex,

    What is the output of such motec files (extension) and how big are they generally? (in kb's)

    Who knows what will pop up :D
  7. Hi there,
    the MOTEC files extension are .ld and .ldx, you need they together to see the telemetries
    for a single hot lap the sum of their sizes is about 1MByte for a two minutes lap (about 1/3 if compressed)
    the size is not a problem, we can upload on megaupload or similar but it is important to explain in our forum the lap condition

    here below the link at MegaUL of my lap after first twelve turns at SPA on a F3 car, sorry for the low performance but this is just an example [​IMG]

    copy the zip file (two file inside) from
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    unzip and open in a new project with MOTEC
    the reports are right opened by use of MOTEC I2 PRO 1.01.0082
    don't try to use the latest one because it doesn't work with reports made by the rFactor plug in

  8. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Not a bad idea!
    But before this starts we could use a good how to implement Motec on Race07/GTR2/rFactor/etc. There are several on the net, but if I am correct not here in a good Motec-for-dummies format.

    If we have some more knowledge about it, its easier for us to implement it in the right way (under each Game, as a seperate Motec support forum, etc.)
  9. Alex can you tell me how did you manage to cooperate rF and MOTEC?
  10. i've tryed it many months ago but i haven't found any driver to compare with so i have uninstalled it :(
    asap i'll reinstall it and answer to you, but i remember that it was quite simple :thumb:the problem is hunderstand well all graphs, but this is "fish and chips" for forum members ;)
    stay tuned :D
  11. very good
    thanks :thumb:
  12. Hi all,

    so, go to RFactorCentral at link
    rFactor Central // rFactor Addons // Data Acquisition Plugin 1.32

    download and install the next programs
    "mi2_pro-wxp_1.01.0082.exe" (the working MOTEC inside rF)
    "rFactorDAQPluginSetup_1.3.2.exe" (the last PLUG-IN)

    the MOTEC telemetry recording start at the CTRL+M pressure when you are inside the car (eg in practice), a voice tell you data acquisition is enabled, make some turns and then leave rFactor
    inside YOUR_RF_ROOT\UserData\LOG\MOTEC the system have made the files needed by MOTEC
    now open MOTEC and follow the wizard, select a project type "circuit", give it a name and a folder location to save it, open the folder at YOUR_RF_ROOT\UserData\LOG\MOTEC and then select the desidered file to "add" to your project and open it
    now .... give a look to the video manual inside MOTEC folders YOUR_ROOT\MoTeC\i2\1.0\Demos :D to better hunderstand that beautiful graphs in front of you, i'll do the same because i'm novice too :thumb:

    probably a similar procedure should work for GTR2 and/or GTL, i'm not sure, give it a try

    about options you can modify many opening the file "DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini" at the rFactor ROOT

    about forum MOTEC section (to ADMINS)
    if you decide to made it i suggest to ask to the driver to fill in the topic only the next form:
    Driver Name:
    Best time:
    link to download files :
    @megaupload (IMHO the best)

    so now, dear engineers, let's work like damned :automobile:

    any suggestions are appreciated, i'll give to the group all my best

    bye guys and let's grow together :thumb:
  13. Gary Allen

    Gary Allen
    Premium Member

    Thanks for the info Alessandro. Downloaded and installed, all ok .:thumb:
  14. The motec version that works with rfactor only shows a small number of values. The interesting ones are empty, maybe because rfactor does not generate them. At least for rfactor motec is not very helpful therefore, it works much better with gtr2.
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